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How to respond to salary queries of employees?


You are the finance executive of your company and one of your responsibilities is to maintain transparency in relation to the salaries of the employees. There is an escalation in the HR department about a salary component as a sales employee is unsure about his Dearness Allowness or DA. As a finance executive, it is your duty to clarify about the different components of a salary. DA is an incentive for them to do their job. In such an instance, it is better to take the professional route and speak in fluent English only.




Things to keep in mind while addressing salary concerns


1. Understand their concern

When employees don't receive their salary on time or they are confused about their salary , they tend to get worried and exasperated as they have many obligations. Hence, it is very important to be emphatic and understand their worries and concerns.


For Example : "I apologize for the inconvenience you are facing. Don't worry, I will try my best to help you out".


2. Don't get frustrated

It is usual for an employee to vent his frustration on you as you are the point of contact for salary issues. It is understandable that you are under a lot of pressure, however you should not get angry and respond. Such responses can lead to volatile situations and later complications.


3. No false promises or answers

Don't give false hopes, promises or answers to the employees. The motive may be to get rid of them. If there is a genuine situation or problem, explain it to the employee and assure them that steps are being taken to address the issue. Employees will appreciate your honesty.




Sample conversation while addressing salary concerns 


Rohan : "Hello. Is this the Finance department? Am I speaking to the finance payroll executive?"


You : "Yes?"


Rohan : "I am Rohan from the HR team. There has been an escalation with regards to DA component of an employee. May I know what is the problem?"


You : "I am sorry this has happened. What is his employee ID?"


Rohan : "Its M1045, Mr. Ramesh Chauhan, he works in the sales department."


You : "Okay. What exactly is his problem?"


Rohan : "He is saying that the DA is wrongly calculated. I have followed the company specified policies. But the guy is not agreeing. Can you explain how the DA is calculated?"


You : "Okay. DA is calculated according to AICPIN which is All India Consumer Price Index Number. It is based on the basic pay and any special pay."


Rohan : "Okay. So what is the current percentage and what to do with decimals?"


You : "The current percentage is 12 % and decimals of 50 paise should be rounded off to the next figure."


Rohan : "So I was right in my calculation. There has been no updates and change right?"


You : "No."


Rohan : "Ok. Thanks a lot for your help."




In the above conversation, you can see how the above three important steps are displayed. Allay the employees fear and concerns by clear English communication. You can speak fluent English with the help of an online English guide and be of constructive help to all the employees in your organization.


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- By Monika Agarwal


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