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How to speak professionally? – Conversation examples


The English language has emerged as the international language of business and technology. Undoubtedly, language is the key and most important tool in forming your impression and ground at any workplace.

Professionalism is the key

The need for English learning:

The fact that you’re self- employed requires you to be at your best while speaking in English. Are you aware that you could improve your English communication skills and advance your business prospect almost instantly? Well, that’s true. The business world considers English as the start and stop of a thorough and holistic conversation. Whether you want to improve your spoken English skills for better employment prospects or to increase your confidence, learning the language will certainly benefit you in numerous ways.

Tips to get a strong English foundation:

Spend more time with native speakers as listening to their conversations could help you develop a basic ‘know- how’ for the language. Doing so also benefits you by increasing your vocabulary and improving your grammar. If you’re paying good attention, you can also gauge as to what can and cannot be included in formal/ professional conversations. Start reading books as it can help you to learn and adapt English holistically.

Market your business

Mentioned below is a conversation that you can find handy to understand the basis on which a professional conversation is usually conducted:

Conversational Example:

Situation: The conversation is being held between a self- employed garment designer and a client.

Receptionist: “Good Afternoon. This is Rex’s Designer Store. How may I help you?”

Carol: “Hi. I am Carol. I wanted to get a custom-made outfit stitched. Could I please speak to Rex?”

Receptionist: “Sure Ma’am. Just hold on for a second or two.”

Carol: “Okay. Sure.”

After a while…

Rex: “Hey. This is Rex. How can I assist you?”

Carol: “Hi Rex, I’ve heard a lot about your dramatic outfits . I am getting married in January, which is five months from now… I have a party (spinster’s party) in November and want something ‘out of the box’ for that occasion.”

Rex: “Well, Carol. You’ve approached the right place. I will be more than glad to help you look your sparkling best on such an important day of your life. Though you will have to help me with what exactly you are  looking at.”

Carol: “Rex, I am actually looking for a short dress with a tail at the back.”

Rex: “Sounds interesting! Any color in particular?”

Carol: “Yes, actually. I am hovering over two colors. One being turquoise and one being sunset orange.”

Rex: “Perfect! Though Carol, I will require you to visit my store at the earliest.”

Carol: “That will be good. Can I drop by on the coming Sunday?”

Rex: “Great! Sunday, around 4. Also, by the time you are here, I will assemble some fabrics in the two colors mentioned by you along with some of my printed designs that display the pattern you’ve got in mind.”

Carol: “Perfect. Thanks a lot. It’s quite a relief frankly. See you soon.”

Rex: “You’re welcome Carol. Bye.”

Make the customer happy

The above is an example of a simple yet professional conversation. You need to build a rapport with your clients and customers, as you are the face of your company / business. In addition, having strong English communication skills can help you succeed flawlessly when negotiating, holding a face to face meeting, giving presentations or even while communicating through written correspondence such as emails, reports, proposals, etc. To be successful on the professional front, English is vital.  

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- By Monika Agarwal

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