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How to start a cold call?


You have got a telemarketing job and now you are apprehensive about your first cold call. You have no clue as to what to say when the unknown person picks up the phone. Companies often use cold calling as an effective sales tactic. However, fear can grip a person unknown to cold calling. By following certain protocols, a person can be an effective cold caller, who is valued by companies. Below are a few guidelines to be followed for making a cold call.


Guidelines for cold call

1. Research

Research is absolutely vital while starting a cold call. This is because knowledge is power. Many people are afraid to cold call as they are unaware who the receiver is. Research also helps to build databases from which calls can be made and sales generated.

2. Create a calling script

Instead of fumbling at the last moment, you should take time to prepare a calling script. It can help you as a guideline of what to say at the time of calling. A calling script works to give you confidence and clarity while calling. It need not be set in stone and can be modified as per requirements from time to time. However, remember to set a conversational tone while on a call as listeners hate script sounding calls.

3. Practice

Cold calling cannot be made perfect without adequate practice. Buddy up with your colleagues and tell them to analyze your calls. They will be the perfect teachers to suggest improvement. Constant practice will also help you to fine tune your telephonic skills and increase your confidence


Sample Calling Scripts 1

You: Hello, Am I speaking to Ms. Ruby?

Ruby: Yes.

You: Good Morning Madam, I am John Gracias calling from Sify Technologies. Is this a convenient time to speak to you?

Ruby: Yes. What is this call about?

You: Sify Technologies is the leading internet provider in Mumbai. The reason for this call is to give you a heads up on the latest cheap internet tariffs released by us.

Sample Calling Script 2

You: Hello, Am I speaking with Mr. Rajesh?

Rajesh: Yes. Who is this?

You: Good Morning Mr. Rajesh. This is Arif Shah from Integra here in New Delhi. We have helped the Citi Financial Group improve their customer service to the point where they are increasing their portfolio of clients at a rate of 2 clients per week for the last two months and it's not stopping!! The reason that I'm calling you today specifically is so that I can set up an appointment and tell you about our new customer relationship management strategy and how it can increase your portfolio of clients. I'm sure that you, like Citi Financial Group, are interested in having more clients to manage, right?


Proper preparation is the key to making a successful cold call, which can make or break a sales career. The underlying skill required is fluent English speaking skills. If you have a strong command over the English language, you can deal in cold calls confidently. You can start practicing your conversational skills with the help of an online English Tutor. The secret of cold calling success is fluent English communication skills. Happy Calling!

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- By Monika Agarwal

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