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How to make a sales pitch?


You are excited about your new sales job and the company sends you on your first field visit. Eager to prove your caliber, you search for the perfect sales pitch. A well begun pitch wins half the sales battle. If you fumble at the beginning, it shows lack of confidence in both self and the product. A proper sales pitch delivered in fluent English is necessary while selling products as well as services.


Steps for a great sale pitch start:

1. Find a need:

Every sale starts from a need. Unless a person needs something, he won't buy a product or a service. Your first step is to identify the need by asking probing questions, which can be done only if you have fluent English speaking skills.

2. Clarify style:

A sales pitch can be in the form of the full presentation, product demonstration or a short briefing, all of which would require strong English communication skills. Presentations can be practiced in front of a mirror or with the help of an online English tutor. With continued practice, you will come to know which style is appropriate for a situation.

3. Convey key message:

As a prospective customer has time constraints, hence you should make sure to state your key messages at the start of the sales pitch. Key messages include meeting objectives, appropriate product description etc. Proper English vocabulary knowledge is necessary to convey messages concisely and confidently.


Sample Sales Pitch 1

Situation: You work in XYZ Industries, who have released a new line of portable air conditioners. You are called to a presentation meeting with a client.

Sales Pitch:

'XYZ Industries have come up with a whole line of portable air conditioners for our valued customers! We understand that each unit that you purchase comes with a "where-to-fit-this-one" problem and also that improper location and fittings are often the reason behind most damage to the exteriors of these otherwise comfortable and useful systems. With that in mind, we offer you a complete solution that includes a powerful cooling experience with full-size yet light weight air conditioners.'

Sample Sales Pitch 2:

Situation: You work for National Computers, who refurbish laptops. You are called for a product demonstration at a show event.

Sales Pitch:

'Looking everywhere for low-cost, robust, quality refurbished laptops? We are the final stop for you then! We at National Computers source laptops from all over India and after we refurbish them, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. We are refurbishing experts in top brands including Dell, Apple, Compaq, Lenovo and HP.'


As you can clearly see, the above sales pitches involve playing with words. Fluent English communication and vocabulary skills are needed to have strong and confident sales pitch. You can learn to speak English fluently by enrolling for online classes. Have a great sales career!

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- By Monika Agarwal

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