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How to take care of inbound calls?


When you work in an inbound process call center, your job revolves around the incoming calls pertaining to the products and services of the company. You are required to handle each call with finesse and keep the customer satisfied by answering and attending to all his/ her queries. An inbound customer service representative acts as the ambassador of the business. As an ambassador, your responsibilities are beyond what you are trained to do. Not only are you expected to take care and address a customer's question and query but also develop and nurture the relationship shared between the company and the customer.




The below mentioned tips should strengthen your skills in customer- relationship management as well as in handling your inbound calls with a smooth slick:


1) Show positivity:

Know that customers dig positivity! Even if you find yourself in a cocked up situation where you cannot actually assist the customer's query, keep the conversation positive. Put forth alternatives if you need to but make sure to leave the customer feeling contented. Speak in fluent English and lend adequate knowledge about your company's products and services so that he/ she understands the proposed solution.


Tip: Avoid words like "can't" and "won't", explain to the customer what you "can" and "will" do.


2) Maintain accuracy:

Always deliver accurate information. Take all the required steps to ensure that the information you are releasing to the customer is all precise and not scattered. Maintain a tone of confidence and brush up well on your English communication skills while speaking about the product or service you offer. Giving the customer the exact information will develop the critical factor called 'trust', which is extremely crucial for any business.


Tip: Handing out accurate information to the customer allows them to plan accordingly and helps you overcome any instance of fumbling and making factual errors.




3) Take control:

Whether the customer on the other end of the phone is overtly happy or extremely annoyed, it is crucial for you to take control of the call and steer the conversation in a more effective direction. This involves keeping the conversation focused on the issue of concern. In addition, you must ensure that the deviation you take should not come across as abrupt or impolite. Speak with an undertone of finesse and make sure to improve your spoken English skills for a proficient call.


Tip: An effective call would be asking the right set of close- ended and open- ended questions at the appropriate time.


4) Assure Quality:

Quality is one of the most sought after skill in a call center agent. You must maintain a quality control by monitoring every call carefully. Develop a pattern of performance and set a benchmark for all the calls you attend. Make use of simple English but make sure to ensure quality in the English language as well.


Tip: The key is to develop a model and then stick to it. In doing this you will notice that eventually it will develop into a pattern and will be followed almost naturally.




Understand the fact that a happy customer will result in a more accomplished and resourceful call. Bring out your smile and keep up to the saying, "Happy to serve you!"


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- By Monika Agarwal


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