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How to take care of specially abled guests?


You are the receptionist in a top five star hotel, when suddenly a customer calls with a peculiar request. He has a relative who is specially abled and is visually challenged. He wants to know what special facilities your hotel has so that his loved one will not face any inconvenience. Being the front face of your hotel, you need to have all the information at your fingertips and should be able to convey the required details in clear and fluent English.

Things to keep in mind:

1. Make a list

Make a list of special facilities available in your hotel. This will allow you to keep the information at your fingertips. While giving information, cross check every detail so that when the customer arrives at your front gate, you won't be embarrassed. You can even prepare the list as a billboard to let incoming customers know about your various facilities.

2. Be assuring

Even the specially advantaged person wants the best for his stay. Assure your customers that your hotel is equipped with the latest facilities for taking care of specially abled guests and your staff will ensure that they get the maximum comfort.

Sample Conversation:

You: Good morning, this is Jessica, how may I help you?

Gary: Hi, I am Gary calling from Delhi and am coming to Mumbai for a few days. I wanted to inquire whether your hotel has rooms available for next week.

You: Yes Sir, We have rooms available for next week. How many persons will be coming?

Gary: It will be me and my cousin, Bren. But, I have a special request.

You: What is it, Sir?

Gary: Well you see, Bren is a special person ,he is visually handicapped. I want his stay to be comfortable. Will that be a problem?

You: No Sir, It will be a pleasure to have Bren stay with us.

Gary: What facilities do you have for him?

You: Sir, for special cases like Bren, we have created many facilities for comfort. We have separate slopes instead of the usual stairs, braille books for reading, and specialized lifts with attendants and adequate blind safety systems.

Gary: Wow, braille books! That's great! But what about the staff? I don't want my cousin to be harassed or annoyed in any way.

You: Sir, our staff is professionally trained . They will look after your cousin like one of their own and with special care. For example, even in swimming pools, our staff will personally monitor your cousin.

Gary: That's really wonderful. This reinforces the decision to select you guys over other hotels. Kindly book rooms for two persons.

You: With pleasure!

The above conversation shows how to take care of the needs of the specially abled guests. Be polite and courteous to such people as it is not their fault to be born that way. Reassure your customers in proper English that their stay is in professional hands. Take the assistance of online English classes and improve your English speaking skills to take your career as a receptionist to a great height.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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