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How to take orders in a restaurant?


A waiter's job profile requires him/her to be attentive, alert and flashing a positive smile throughout. Why? Well, that's because... the waiter here plays the face of the restaurant. It is his/her responsibility to ensure that the customer has a ball of a time. This requires the service to be efficient and the communication flawless. A known fact is that waiters usually are not handed over a script to follow. However, they do often resort to a range of phrases that helps them to communicate well with the customer. Hence, the way they converse with the guest is vital, as it is this string of communication that helps enhance a guest's overall restaurant experience.

English communication for hotel staff:

Waiters and servers are the attendants in a restaurant and are the key link to ensure that a guest enjoys a gala time and revisits the outlet time and again. As a waiter, it is your communication skills that will play a critical role. A well-spoken waiter is a definite asset in the hospitality industry.

Whether a good restaurant or just a local fast food joint, it is important for every serving staff to be able to speak in fluent English. Here is where your English communication skills are required to be at its sound best. The below mentioned conversation sample should work well in explaining to you, 'What a well-spoken English waiter/waitress could offer to a guest/ customer?' Read on...

Conversation Sample for a waiter:


Graham has reserved a table for dinner and walks into this sophisticated diner with his fiancée and both their families.

Manager: Good Evening sir.

Graham: Good Evening. I had made a reservation for six.

Manager: Certainly sir. Can I know under what name?

Graham: The name is Mr. D'costa.

Manager: Yes Mr. D'costa, your table awaits you. Allow me to escort you to your table.

Graham: Sure. Thank you!

Manager: So, your server tonight will be Rehan. Enjoy your meal!

Rehan (Waiter): Welcome to Spices. I am Rehan, your server for the night.

(If the restaurant has some specials for the day. You could spell it out for them.)

Rehan (Waiter): Would you like regular or mineral water?

Graham: Mineral water please!

Rehan (Waiter): Sure sir. Also, before you order let me tell you, we do have specials for today. We have honey glazed lamb sauté with mashed potatoes and some pork ribs grilled in tahini sauce.

Graham: Give us a few moments to decide.

Rehan (Waiter): Certainly sir.

(A few moments later)

Rehan (Waiter): Ready to order?

Graham: Yes. We'd like to go in for one of the specials, the pork ribs and an Arabian delight, a Seafood Tangine, a spicy Thai lobster soup, coconut curried rice and shrimps and the orange sesame noodles with the quail crunch.

Rehan (Waiter): Great choices! Anything to drink to compliment your meal?

Graham: Yes! I would like to go in for the finest bottle of white wine available.

Rehan (Waiter): Sure sir.

(Graham's and his company's meal has ended, here's your next step in fluent English.)

Rehan (Waiter): Hope you enjoyed your dinner.

Graham: We certainly did have a gala time. The food was amazing and the service top notch! Could we please get the check?

Rehan (Waiter): Yes sir. Here you go. Thank you for dining at Spices and hope to see you back sometime.

Graham: Thank you so much Rehan. We had a wonderful experience indeed.

So, here you have it. A simple conversation that could make anyone's dining experience special and exquisite. What you need to focus on is your spoken English communication skills to work your charm and become the most sought after waiter at the restaurant you work for. What are you waiting for? Master the English language, strap on your confidence and smile with warmth to engage your customers/guests in a mesmerizing moment or two.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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