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How to talk on phone with a foreign client?


Your company has newly merged with a foreign client and your business has gone global. Now, you will encounter time differences as well as language barriers while talking to your clients.  Since English is the global language of communication, you will often speak with your clients on phone in this language. At the start, you will find it difficult to make phone calls in English. But make sure you communicate your idea properly. In the same manner, never agree to something you do not understand. It’s always better to prepare for any telephonic call by learning the telephonic phrases and etiquettes.

7 phrases to improve your communication

Don’t forget that language can bridge the gap as well as can be the bridge. Therefore, use it effectively to communicate properly.


1. Start with an introduction

You can start a telephone conversation by introducing yourself: "Hello, this is Prerna James.” If you answer the phone and if you don’t recognize the caller, you can say: "May I ask who's calling, please?"

2. Make a request

When you call to talk to a particular person, you can make a polite request as, “May I speak to Mr. Singh, please?" In case if you don’t know the concerned person’s name and instead you have an extension number you can say: "Could you connect me to  extension number 135?" But, if you're calling with a specific purpose, then make a statement that works the best like: "I’m calling to make an agenda for the meeting."

3. While holding or transferring

"Please hold" is a telephone language that is referred for "just a moment". When you get a call asking for a person who is not available besides you, ask the person to wait and tell him "Connecting your call..." or "Please hold, I'll transfer your call...."

4. Leaving a message

When the person you are calling isn't available, be prepared to leave a message. You can use your English speaking skills and voicemail your message if it’s urgent, or can try to call after sometime. If you happen to talk to an operator, then they will ask: "Would you like to leave a message?" Or you can say, "May I leave a message?" Be sure to leave your phone number if you want the person to return your call. This is called a call back number.

5. Asking the speaker to slow down

If you are an English learner, then it might be a problem to understand each and everything during the communication. Tell the speaker in a respectful way: "My English isn't very strong, could you please speak slowly?" People will appreciate your honesty and will be happy to oblige.

However, it is very important to sound polite on the telephone. Using phrases like 'Could you', and 'Please' while making requests is advisable and in the same way, always remember to finish a conversation with 'Thank you' and 'Goodbye'!

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-By Shailja Varma

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