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How to talk to your boss for the first time?


It’s that time of your life when you are freshly out of college and looking forward to start your career. You face interview rounds and finally get selected for your first job. You are excited, happy, confident, and a little anxious of meeting your boss. Generally, according to the traditional levels of management, it is not possible for the middle and junior level employees to meet the boss directly. But, now the hierarchies in organizations have changed. The current trends towards the organization structures are more of informal styles, but seniors are always senior. It's important to always give your boss a good impression when you meet him/her for the first time. Try to emphasize your professional skills along with your English skills. It’s a good way to start the conversation in fluent English.

Impress boss

3 Tips to impress your boss

Once you enter your office, it is essential to do your best to impress your boss and teammates right from the start. First impressions matter the most; your boss and colleagues will judge you based on how you act and what you do from the very first day. You are very confident at the same time you freeze up when it comes to communicating with your boss, that too, in English. Does it happen with you? Don’t worry. We will help you learn how to make a lasting impression on your boss.

1. Keep practicing your introduction

When you enter your office and are about to meet your boss, do remember one thing, eye contact and firm handshakes show assertiveness and confidence. A positive attitude can make a big difference. Re-evaluate your, "Hello, my name is" story to reflect your new role. Remember to communicate about your willingness to take responsibilities, as it structures your image to your new colleagues and makes the first impression right.


2. Politeness

Remember that an honest "please" or "thank you" can help a lot and for that it is necessary to have good English communication skills. Even before you develop a friendly relationship with your boss, it's important to be polite. If you have an urgent need to talk while your boss is speaking with someone else, you must say, “Excuse me for interrupting.”  If you need any information, you can request, "Can you please provide me this information at the earliest.” And when you get the required information, respond to him by saying, "Thanks for your help!"

3. Listen

The best rule of communication is to listen. No one likes misunderstanding in office.  Therefore, it is important to listen and if in doubt, it’s better to ask again. Remember, when you listen properly, you will get the confidence to do your work in the right manner. If you perform well, there’s no stopping you in your career growth.


Hope these points will not only help you to overcome your fear of communicating with your boss for the first time, but also improve your English speaking skills.

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- By Chander Madan

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