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How to upsell a product over the phone?


Sales is an integral part of marketing a company's product. It drives your margins and increases your turnover. However, just plain sales will not be helpful. You need to incorporate various other techniques that showcases your company's new offerings without sounding too pushy. Upsell, which means convincing an existing customer to purchase additional services, is one of the techniques. The main objective of upselling is to achieve higher profits. However, the technique should be implemented with tact, for it carries the risk of upsetting the loyal customers also. Upselling is more used in the customer service industry, usually for service upgrades. Use your English conversational skills to politely convince the customer to upscale his service packs and be the best customer service agent.

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Things to remember when upselling a product over the phone:

1. Use at the right situation

Imagine you are facing a technical problem and instead of helping you out, the agent is more interested in selling you additional services. You will probably think about changing services. Put yourself in the customer's shoes and wait for the right time to pitch in.

2. Understand the value

Try to understand the value of the product to the customer. Many a times, they will be using a product which is ill-suited for their needs. Point out the facts to the customer and gently recommend either upgrading or switching their product or service. You should be confident in your English speaking skills to make the maximum effect.

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Sample Conversation for upselling a product over the phone:

Situation- You are the customer service agent for HP printers and a customer calls you for a problem:

You: Thank you for calling HP Printer customer service. This is Andrew speaking. How may I help you ?

Customer: I have a HP printer which I had bought three months back. The ink is drying up pretty quickly. Why is that?

You: Which model are you using, Sir?

Customer: It's TX 121.

You: May I know your usage details? This is to make sure the printer is functioning to its maximum capacity.

Customer: I use it for printing business brochures, fliers, cards and for some house use.

You: Okay, Sir. I now know why you are having this problem. TX 121 is a basic home printer version. It can support only a limited number of prints and size. Any other utilization will quickly dry it up.

Customer: Oh, okay. So what should I do now? Is there any setting which I can change?

You: I am afraid not Sir. There is only one option for you.

Customer: What is it?

You: You need to switch your device and go to TX 210, which is business friendly and more suited for your needs. Since your printer is only three months old, we can offer good discounts if you decide to make the purchase.

Customer: That sounds okay. I will be making the purchase soon.


The above tips and sample conversation shows how to upsell a product over the phone. Be an active listener; understand the requirement and use your English speaking skills to upsell. You can further improve your spoken English with the help of an online English trainer.

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- By Chander Madan

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