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How to upsell in a restaurant and a bar?


You want to get the best employee award at your five star hotel and there is only a small gap in your target. Upselling technique comes to play here and can help you achieve your target. It is nothing but a sales technique that can be used to incite a customer to purchase additional expensive items. Your confident English language skills will help you to charm and impress your customers and make them realize the value of additional purchases.

Things to keep in mind:

1. Don't be too pushy

Don't push customers to make a sale. They will become suspicious and will regret at having to come to your restaurant. Instead, make their stay pleasant and appear as a helpful aide rather than a pushy salesperson. Use appropriate English vocabulary and dialogues in these kind of situations. Ask to the point questions that the customer will be forced to answer.

For Example:

1. "Which dish can I help you with?"

2. "Which drink can I help you with?"

2. Don't anticipate

Never make the mistake of anticipating the customer's needs. This will make you appear over smart, which can lead to a no for an answer. Instead, explain how a particular drink or dish will complement suitable occasions or moods by which the customers will be more susceptible for making additional purchases.

3. Observe customers behavior

Observation in your bar can help you a lot. Customers rarely change their preferences and usually stick to their routine. Observation will help you decide what they like and then can upsell products based on their choices, which will increase chances of success.

Sample Conversation:

You: Hello gentlemen, Hope you are enjoying our delicious items

Customer:  Yeah.

You: I see that you are enjoying your hard cider. Our ciders are of the best quality, don't you agree?

Customer: Yeah, that's true.

You: Did I mention about our tap supplies a beer with similar qualities as the cider, which you are drinking?

Customer: What are you talking about?

You: We have a special apple wheat beer that is much stouter and tastier than our regular ciders. It is one of our featured items of the month.

Customer: Apple wheat beer?

You: Yes, original beer mixed with organic apples straight from the tap. Words cannot describe the taste and effect. Why don't I bring a sample shot to you?

Customer: Yeah, please do.

The above conversation shows how you can upsell with confidence and win the trust of the customer. Once the customer tastes the sample, he will be naturally inclined to purchase additional new drinks. In the rare case that he does not like the drink, thank him and never forget to take the feedback.

However, for successfully executing this strategy, fluent English speaking skills are vital. This will highlight your confidence and sophistication, which can impress patrons. Practice with the help of online English classes and in your daily conversations. Upsell confidently and then nothing can come between you and the best employee award of your hotel.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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