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How to write good subject lines for emails?


In our professional life, we need to write a lot of emails day in and day out. For English learners, writing an email is sometimes not that big a task as writing subject lines. A subject line in an email is very important to send across a clear message. Unless your subject line is clear, the recipient may or may not open to read the email. Today, in our English learning session, we will study on how to write good subject lines for better written communication.


Tips to write a better subject line

English is the global language of communication and most emails are hence written in English. Since, most people’s inbox is flooded with emails, it is important to write a good subject line, especially if it’s a business email.

Identify words that determine what your email is about

Once you identify the words that clearly describe your email’s content, you can draft a perfect subject line.

For example –

Monday meeting time

Tomorrow’s work schedule

Location for the marketing event

Place words correctly to show importance of the email

Now that you have identified the subject, it is important to use words that will make your email come across as important. Make use of words such as, new, revised, change, modified, updated.

For example –

Change of Monday meeting time

Revision of tomorrow’s work schedule

New location for the marketing event

If you have a meeting every Monday at 10 am, employees may not open the email with the subject - Monday meeting time. But if you add the word – change – the likelihood of the email being opened is more.  

Keep it short

You have got 60 characters to communicate what your email is all about. Now days, with most people checking their emails in phones, you get just 25 to 30 characters to communicate. Thus, choose your words well.

Good subject lines – examples

While following-up for an interview

Mark Joseph following up on Marketing position

Sales manager interview follow-up

While applying for a job

Marketing manager application – Mark Joseph

Referred by Swati Shah for Content writer position

While requesting for work

Requesting project submission – due March 30

Product survey – Please submit by EOD


Hope the above tips will help you write good subject lines. To improve your English writing skills, you can join our online spoken English program and speak English like a pro.

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- By Shailja Varma

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