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Importance of English for IT professionals


Information Technology or IT Industry has given rise to many exciting career opportunities. IT professionals  get better working conditions, better salaries and greater job profiles. However, in order to grow in the IT industry, an aspiring candidate should be well versed with not only the technical rules but also the nuances of the English language. Experienced professionals should know how to communicate with senior management for career advancement. So, why is English very important in the career of an IT professional? Why fluent English speaking skills is a minimum requirement for a starting step in IT industry?

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5 reasons why English is important for IT professionals:

1. Multinational Engagement

IT firms usually deal with clients located all over the globe and the majority of them use English as their medium of communication. This is the main reason why English is called the global language. IT professionals may be required to visit their clients in different locations and a productive conversation is possible only if they know English.

2. Software

For coding software efficiently and accurately, IT executives need to know the English language properly. Even the basic Microsoft Word is coded in English. Clients and prospective customers will not get attracted to grammatically inaccurate English language. Software descriptions, user interface and manual are all written in technical English for better understanding globally. Thus, technical knowledge is alone insufficient for you to make a mark in an IT career.

3. Career Advancement

To advance in your IT career, you need to be able to make presentations, negotiate with senior management and clients and perform other management related functions. All these responsibilities require the assistance of English. Degrees are not enough any longer. You need to be confident in delivery of English conversations to put forth your ideas and opinions and impress the higher management in selecting you for top posts.


4. Interviews

There comes a time where you need to have a change of work environment. Without English, you will not be able to negotiate a better profile and a higher salary. If your English skills are up to the mark, getting a great job will not be a problem even during the time of recession. You can easily tackle difficult questions like stating expectations, describing previous job experience and profiles, salary expectations etc.

5. Networking

Networking forms the core of an IT professional's career. Better jobs, deals, and resources open up due to networking. However, for that to happen, your social skills should be great and you should be very confident in interacting with others. English communication skills make it possible for you to have excellent social skills and you will be connoisseur of everyone's eyes at social meets and gatherings.

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The above five reasons will make you understand why you need to be excellent in English for a great and rewarding IT career. Even if you are expert level, you need to consistently practice reading, listening and writing English for maintaining your knowledge and standards. You can do that with the help of a friend or an online English teacher. The choice is yours for fulfilling your goals and dreams!

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- By Shailja Varma

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