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Must know simple English sentences for your new job


Your hard work and dedication has bagged you a new job. You are very happy as you get the opportunity to work in a MNC company which is located in the USA. You are very excited, yet nervous for the job. How to talk to your coworkers for the first time? How can you impress your boss? There will be many questions that would be haunting you right now.  All you need to do is to speak in English confidently. No one is going to judge you on your grammar or the vocabulary you use. Remember, don’t memorize the answers. Just learn some simple English sentences that will help you to start a conversation with your new colleagues.

Before you actually start the conversation, let your colleagues know that you are learning English. Ask them to correct you if they find any mistake. This will be a great idea to improve your English. Let’s look at some simple English sentences.

English for new job

Simple English Sentences

1. While introducing yourself

First thing you will do is to introduce yourself to your fellow coworkers. You can start like, “Hi, my name is Naman.” Ask them their name, and once you know their name, repeat their name and say, “nice to meet you........” Tell them you have just joined the organization with the following sentence, “I have just started working here. I am new to XYZ Company.” In the next sentence, you can specify your section/ department where you work. “I am working in the Content department. What do you do here?”

2. Greeting (Hello/ Bye)

Greet “Good morning, good afternoon” according to the time. Ask, how are you by using “How’s everything? How’s it going?” It’s nice to ask on a Monday if someone’s weekend was nice or interesting. You can ask, “How was your weekend?” When you leave the office say, “See you tomorrow” or if it’s a Friday you can say “Have a nice weekend”.

3. Asking where things are

When we are new to the office we aren’t aware about many things and places. When asking those you can use – “Where can I find the (restroom/coffee maker /[anything])?” Until you learn about the things, you can use these sentences. When you get something in the office and aren’t aware about where to leave it, ask – “Where can I leave this?”

These sentences can help you to initiate a conversation in English. Use simple English communication skills to convey your message clear. You can also join a spoken English course and make your communication skills stronger.


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- By Chander Madan

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