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The art of handling unhappy customers on a call


One of the basic and critical situation that many businesses are faced with on an ongoing basis is irate customers yelling out their lungs furiously! On behalf of the company, it is your responsibility to ensure that the customers are satisfied and content with your services as well as products. There are certain tactics that you need to master for dealing with an unhappy customer over the phone. Develop and acquire these skills, as this will make you one of the most valuable employees on the block.




Useful tips you could resort to:


1) Be an active listener:

Allow the agitated client to vent out his/ her frustration during the first few moments of the call. Let him/ her talk through his/ her problems and get it out of their system. Keep a clear tone and drop in a few words indicating that you are listening such as, uh huh, okay, really, hmm, etc. Allow the customer to go on until they are done without interrupting him/ her even once, this will give them the chance to vent out all their frustration and gradually calm down.


2) Show sympathy:

Give your customer the added benefit of thinking that you understand their problem and acknowledge any mistakes made on your company's behalf. Bringing in the sympathy quotient will give your customer a satisfactory feeling of being in safe hands. In addition, inform them that you will bring in a solution for their problem and that they do not need to worry.




3) Clear all doubts:

After they have told you about what happened with them, ask all the relevant questions that would assist you in tackling the issue at hand and coming up with a solution at the earliest. Speak in well- spoken English and brush up on your English speaking skills as you would not want to annoy the customer further with a lack of proper English communication skills, would you?


4) Activate your solution quotient:

After the caller is done with explaining his/ her issues move on to the solution mode. Start with open- ended questions and know when to stick to "yes" or "no". Be alert and show confidence with the use of English language.


5)Give an apology


You do not need to go all out and beg for forgiveness, yet have a gist of apology in your tone. You could extend a genuine direct apology stating, "I apologize that we did not send your order as yet. I will look into the delivery status right away!"





Maintain your integrity at all times. If you notice the caller is getting abusive, calmly interject and inform them that getting abusive is not going to solve the issue. Request him/ her to calm down and spill the matter of concern. Always speak in a soft tone and work towards improving your English communication skills at the earliest!


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- By Monika Agarwal


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