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Tips to make a first good impression on foreign coworkers


It takes barely a glance, maybe 5 seconds or less to evaluate a person when you meet him/her for the first time.

Needless to say, you being a foreigner in their country is bound to attract some opinions as and when you do your first handshake or share an eye contact.

What would their opinion be based on? Well, let's get factual- your appearance, your body language, your demeanor, your mannerisms and your English communication skills. With every individual you meet, a new opinion is formed about you and goes without saying that you cannot reverse or undo a first impression. And hence, here are some tips that you could make use of while entering a new company in a foreign country.

Be professional: From the moment you walk into those corporate doors, carry yourself with utter professionalism. Greet people with a firm handshake and maintain a confident smile throughout. Nothing wins a person over as much as a confident streak. Remain courteous and respectful; however, avoid getting too over friendly as that would come across as if you were trying too hard to fit in. While introducing yourself, do it with panache and make sure to keep your English communication skills at its ace best!

Look, Listen, Learn: Carefully and tactfully observe your co-workers, as for a fact you're in a new surrounding with people who belong to another cultural background. You need to be attentive and observe the office culture followed by them as a whole. You could make mental notes about what could be considered as offensive. Follow the workers' cues about lunch hours, the cubicle chit chat and office timings. Observe their communication skills and speak in English fluently. Do not ape them per se but make obvious efforts toward being one of them to fit in.

Get to work: Be professional in all aspects of your job. Show up on time and put in earnest efforts toward meeting your targets and specific deadlines. Use your English communication skills in your favor and contribute as and when asked to. Make sure to not speak gibberish and have substance in your speech. Begin learning your job duties and responsibilities right away to get into the professional conduct as soon as possible. Prove to be a good team player and offer to assist in the ongoing projects and other assignments. A proactive employee is always a blessing for any company.

Be yourself: You need to fit in but that does not require you to go all out and lose your essence completely. You could be adored for the person you are as well. It is a new surrounding with foreign people around you but that should not throw you off your game. Do not feel uncomfortable and ill at ease. Instead, be calm and confident, show them that you are a thorough professional. You could also face an adrenaline rush that could make you go hyper, so focus on calming yourself down and reaching that secure position where you can be your true self without much hesitance.

Understand the importance of making a good impression as it matters the most! Give each new encounter a special touch of yourself and hone your style at its optimum. Positivity will take you beyond bounds and would result in a successful career in the near future. And last but not the least, add a polish and finesse to your spoken English skills as every company whether local or abroad longs for a well- spoken employee to say the least.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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