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Words to describe office politics (Part 1)


As part of our continuation to our earlier blog ‘Words to Describe Office Politics’, we have listed more phrases to help you develop an in-depth understanding of the subject.

Words for office politics

More words and phrases which describe Office Politics: -

1. Lobbying: to seek support of someone

The scenario of lobbying is generally observed in the corporate world that is governed by the unions. Typically, a union leader will fight with the management for fulfilling worker’s demand. The labors depend on the union leader for fulfilling their demands. Such people always take the support of authorities and/or other supportive members. Again, this doesn’t create a good impression of the one who is doing so.

Example: Lobbying doesn’t show an individual’s efforts and willingness behind doing a particular work.

2. Overstepping: going beyond one’s scope

We often observe such scenarios in a corporate world. Some employees have the habit of giving never asked suggestions and decisions in front of their seniors. This indicates that they are trying to teach their boss about what to do and what not.

Example: Overstepping is considered as a kind of bad manners of an individual.

3. Name dropping: to use good names for colleagues and clients for getting work done

Some employees have the habit of name dropping to their colleagues and clients to get their own work done. But this might create an annoying situation for the person who is being dropped by certain name. It doesn’t create a good impression of the employee who is trying to do so.

Example: Name dropping of someone is not a sign of good manners.

4. To curry favor: to try to get into the good books of the people

The similar phrase for this habit is ‘butter someone up’. This habit attempted by the employees very often to showcase their performance to the seniors. But it also shows that the employee doesn’t have self-confidence as he/she always used to push themselves.

Example: We often see many people while currying favor of their seniors for making an impression.

5. Playing favorites: accompanying, liking or disliking certain people

Sometimes this also becomes a cause for the deserving candidate to not get the promotion  by the authorities.

Example: Playing favorites is not the expected behavior from a professional person.

6. Keep your head down: to work in a quiet and steady way and trying not to get involved in something

This thing is not good if it is frequently applied. Employee should take an active participation in discussing and handling the things with their own willingness. Definitely they should keep themselves away from doing negative things. But their presence will be remarkable if they are handling positive things.

Example: Always keeping head down will not be helpful in creating a professional image of an employee.

7. To stay above the fray: not to get involved in a fight or negative behavior

This is also a good kind of office politics where employee should always keep themselves away from negative behavior with all the stakeholders. But they should sincerely follow this way of behavior for maintaining healthy office environment.

Example: Many employees feel that staying above the fray is safe and helpful in building their careers.

Hope the above explanation has reached up to your satisfaction level of understanding the bad and even some good points of office politics. For reading other articles browse through our website. Download our ‘Simply English App’ which provides you knowledge regarding different topics, generates your interest in reading and collectively will lead you for becoming an efficient individual for English Communication  and Usage.

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-By Shailja Varma

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