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5 Tips to practice vocabulary


English is a language that provides you with a host of creative ways to improve your vocabulary. However, without using the words you've learned earlier, you as an English learner are bound to forget them. Fret not! This is an article that will teach you just how to practice and grasp all the words you've learned or wish to learn, further strengthening your command over the English language. Many people often build their own techniques and tricks to learn English vocabulary through English classes, reading books, watching English movies, as well as dedicating and spending time studying the language thoroughly.

English vocabulary

5 Tips to practice English vocabulary:

1. Deepen your context skills- Not only us, but also research suggests that learning new words through context is bound to help you understand the meaning as well as usage of the word better. This means that you should pay close attention to how and where the words are being used. You could also do a quick online search for the word you wish to learn and look up for its meaning, usage and examples. This will help you understand the context in which the word is being used along with its meaning. You should then make it a point to use that word as and when you get an opportunity, further elevating your English learning journey.

2. Make connections and associations- To activate your auditory memory, you need to be loud. Learn the art of relating new words to the words you already know. For instance, the word 'Gargantuan' means very large. So, repeat this word in a series of words you're well-aware of.

Example - Small, medium, large, very large, gargantuan.

This is a way of creating a sequence of connected words and learning the new word through the same sequence. Once the word is well-embedded in your memory, you can then try using the word in a sentence to ensure you know its appropriate usage.

Example - The gargantuan chimpanzee looked like it could rip me apart.

3. Get impulsive and look up- In today's world, each one of us carry's along a smart phone. This is an added asset when it comes to an English learner. The reason? Well, as and when you come across a word that you're not well-acquainted with; pull out your phone and read it up. You could also install a dictionary app on your phone that could help you as and when you find yourself stumped. Use a thesaurus to help you understand the synonym of the word, its antonym as well as its usage.


4. Indulge in a word game- Yes, many of us don't like the idea of playing board games, however, if you wish to attain an English speaking fluency and some top-notch vocabulary, this is a fun way! Rope in some of your friends and start playing word games such as Scrabble, Boggle, or even Crossword puzzles. Nonetheless, if you're alone and wish to play such games; just log on to the internet and enlighten your vocabulary while having fun.

word game

5. Read- Jot down- Learn- This is a three step learning process that just can't go wrong! All you've got to do is:

Step 1. Read- Read as much as you can. And while reading, as and when you stumble upon words that are not known to you...

Step 2. Write it down! Maintain a diary of words new to you, alongside, writing its meaning and usage (example).

Step 3. Learn by repeating the word not once, but twice, thrice and as much as you can. This will instill the word in your head. According to a research, it takes 10-12 repetitions to make a word part of your vocabulary.

Try and practice each of the above-mentioned steps to help develop and improve your English communication skills as well as increase your English speaking fluency.

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- By Chander Madan

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