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7 Ways to improve your communication


Do you often end up conveying a wrong message? Communication is an important part of life, be it your professional or personal life. Poor communication can lead to unsuccessful results, injured feelings, frustration and unproductive teamwork. Lack of proper communication automatically demotivates your career growth. What you want to express is misunderstood at times and a wrong message gets delivered. How to communicate with others is not taught in schools, it is something that you learn by yourself. In order to improve your communication skill, you must improve your knowledge of the English language.


Steps to become a good communicator

1. Be a good listener

Yes. You heard it right. To become a good communicator, you must be a good listener. Like communication, even listening is an essential part of communication. While listening to someone, be polite and don’t interrupt the other person. No one likes being interrupted. Learn to value different viewpoints, as it can be an important communication tool.

2. Notice non-verbal cues

Body language is considered as an important tool of non-verbal communication. For instance, yawning is usually signs of mental or physical fatigue. When you notice these types of non-verbal signals, it’s a sign that the conversation is boring or the person is not interested. In such a situation, you must wrap the conversation or postpone it for later.


3. Maintain an eye contact

While listening to someone, maintain an eye contact. By looking at the other person, you are proving that you are interested in what they are saying. This also keeps you focused and less distracted. Sometimes, lack of eye contact, or distraction can mean restlessness or impatience.

4. Don’t talk over

When someone is conversing with others, don’t interrupt them. This also portrays that you are not respecting the other person. Let them finish first. By talking over someone, you basically mean, “I don’t care what you are saying, what I have to say is more important”.

5. Don’t finish other people’s sentences

You might think by completing the other person’s sentence, you are helping them. No, it’s wrong. It is said that by doing so you discourage the other person, because you are taking the control of the conversation.

eye contacts

6. Avoid paraphrasing

Paraphrase means translating the same thing in a different manner. When you don’t understand other person’s sentence, you repeat the same sentence in a different way. By doing this, you make the other person feel that you have understood everything.

7. Request feedback

When you communicate something to a person, ask them to give a feedback on what you have communicated. This will help you improve your communication skills. This will boost your confidence and motivate you to communicate with others.

Your Spoken English skills will help save at any situation and thus, help you to improve your communication.

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- By Chander Madan

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