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Conversation tips for support executives


As a BPO executive, it is essential for you to have great English communication skills and therefore, if you're not a native speaker, it is vital for you to learn the English language to prosper in an industry that thrives on it. You need to focus on your spoken grammar, language usage, intonation, and accent as well as business vocabulary to ensure you have all the elements of being a quality employee for the company you serve.

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Let's take a look at some of the points that you need to pay heed of while you're on your English learning journey.

Three conversation tips for support executives:

1. Rapport- Any and every employee needs to understand the importance of building a rapport with the customer on the other end of the phone. You could start your rapport building process by mentioning the customer's name in the conversation and making genuine attempts to provide him/ her with the best service in his/ her situation. Also, make sure to greet them with a smile and in a nice tone. More than often, customers understand the tone in which you greet. That's where your impact begins, so ensure to have a rather genuine greet in fluent English.

2. Know your product- There is nothing worse than not being able to answer the customer's basic queries regards your product or service. It is crucial for you to be well-acquainted and ready to answer whatever is asked by the customer. While explaining the product, be sure to make use of simple English. Also, try to maintain a friendly flow throughout the conversation, as that will help you make more sales for sure.

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3. Review the conversation- Every single call you begin should be reviewed by you before it ends. Understand that you are ideally supposed to have all of the business information that you need to finish your task at hand. Avoid rushing through, as then you open a wide scope for errors. Make sure to review the call and run through the information once with the customer before gently thanking him/her and hanging up. Here you need to focus on your spoken English skills to ensure you carry the call out with utter professionalism and like a native English speaker.

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Things to keep in mind as a BPO executive:

Always, remember that the business telephone etiquette that is displayed in organizations is indicative of the employee's ability to efficiently assist and serve the customers. Realize that the skills and attitude you project over the phone tends to form a lasting impression in the mind of the customer. Therefore, improving your English communication skills and making it more polished and seamless is the best way of ensuring you're doing your job well.

Lastly, realize that as a BPO executive, it is imperative for the employee to have a good hold over the language as well as a good understanding of professional-on the call- etiquette. Hence, waste no more of your precious time and widen your language horizon by taking up an English speaking course online to help you deepen your understanding of the English language.

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- By Chander Madan

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