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How to ask someone to wait (in English)


In our busy work schedules, occasionally there arise situations where we have to keep people waiting for us. This situation, especially, when faced in an office environment, when you are busy with your work and someone requests you or your boss orders you to do something which is very urgent. So, at that time you have to speak to them politely and communicate that they have to wait for a while. These are the words which can help you.

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Words used to ask someone to wait

1. Hold on: To stop or wait

Example- She was in a hurry but the boss told her to hold on for 10 minutes.

Example- Reena had to request Meena to hold on as she was busy with her work.

2. Just wait/ until: To be a patient for a moment

Example- Shreya had to tell people to wait until she comes.

Example- I was really getting late but my mother ordered me to wait until she came from the temple.

3. Let me see: Requesting someone to wait so that you can think about something

Example- When I asked my mom for the permission she said,"Let me see, I will tell you today itself".

Example- I was confused about the plan, so I told her, “Let me see”, Now I will inform her about it  in sometime.

4. Bear with me: Asking someone to be patient while you finish some task or work.

Example- Sorry Rahul, but you have to bear with me as I am little busy now.

Example- I will surely help you with your work but please for now bear with me.

5. Something will have to wait:  When you have no time right now and will be done later

Example- Something will have to wait as that is not so important now.

Example- Reena was irritated as she had lots of work to be finished, so she said something will have to wait.

6. Not so fast: When you are telling someone to wait and to not to be quick

Example- Shilpa that project is not to be done so fast, you need to relax.

Example- Try to not be so fast in life.

7. We wish to apologize for the delay: Formal way to say sorry when someone is waiting 

Example- The doctor had to apologize for the delay because many patients were waiting for him.

Example- They wish to apologize for the delay due to the traffic.

8. Sorry to keep you waiting: when you meet the person who was waiting for you.

Example- I feel so sorry to keep you waiting for 2 hours.

Example- I am really sorry to keep you waiting.

9. Give us a second: Ask someone to wait for a short time

Example- Please give us a second, we will get back to you soon.

Example- She told them to give her a second so that she could ask about it to her boss.

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