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How to develop confidence in fluency?


You are working in an MNC and your hard work and effort has paid you with a promotion to next level. You have to go abroad for the next two years. Now, with all the new excitement of success you start preparing yourself and suddenly you realize how difficult it will be to survive in an English speaking country. The US English is more of accent and fluency. You question yourself, will I be able to learn the accent? Will I be able to communicate with the clients in proper English? Are these questions crossing your minds? Then we have an answer for you, follow these tricks and you will learn English fluency in no time.

5 Tips to follow

One thing you must always remember is to be confident when you learn something new. Confidence makes you achieve everything that you desire for.


1. Read texts loudly

Fluency is simply the ability to read a book or text clearly. Reading corrects your pronunciation mistakes. The more you practice fluency, the more confident you will be. It not only increases your reading speed, but also helps you to process words faster.If you are nervous about speaking in front of others, start reading loudly to yourself at home. You can ask your friend or a mentor to give you feedback on advanced vocabulary.

2. Join online groups

Joining an online forum provides you with an option of interacting with native English speakers.  It also gives you a chance to practice your English in the comfort of your own home. You can find people who have similar interests for instance photography, travelling, etc. This will keep you motivated to participate in the forums.You can even post your own questions in the forums and respond to answers you get.

3. Make friends with native English speakers

An excellent way to practice English is to make friends with people who only speak English.

The more you practice, the more you will gain confidence in your English speaking abilities. You are then forced to speak in English with them. You can join a professional networking group, where you will find language exchange sessions. You can teach them your native language and they will be able to  help you improve your English.


4. Create a routine

Language exchange sessions should become your daily habit, not a twice a week class. You should use English in your life every day.  You can create routines that allow you to learn English, which would include learning with music, TV shows, and podcasts. This makes you learn it in a relaxed way.

5. Confidence

For any language, confidence is the fundamental tool for communication. The way you communicate and perceive others, is extremely important. Confidence is the most tangible expression of who you are. So, it is important to be confident while you are learning English skills.

Hence, being confident while speaking English will help you develop the fluency skills.

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-By Shailja Varma

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