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How to praise a good performing child in front of the class?


Many teachers struggle with striking the right balance when it comes to praising and correcting kids in their class. It is important to be well versed with how much is too little, or, how much is too much? As a teacher, you should acknowledge the fact that the quality of the praise is more important than the quantity. In addition, being a teacher it is your responsibility to have your spoken English skills in place.


The art of praising a child in front of the class

Praising any child produces a feel good factor in the child, which further motivates him/her to learn and grow. It is very important to make children feel valued, acknowledging their efforts and pushing them to repeat the good behavior or skill. As a teacher, you need to develop a great hold over the English language and make sure you also instill excellent English communication skills in your class as well.

While there is no secret formula per se when it comes to praising and punishing, here is a conversation example that will teach you the art of actually going through the process without much hesitation.

Conversational example of a teacher praising a student:

Situation: A student of yours has performed extremely well in an inter-school debate. You are asked to acknowledge and award her. Here is how to about it.

Teacher- Good morning class!

Class- Good morning Ma'am.

Teacher- Hope you all have come prepared for your oral exam.

Class- Yes Ma'am.

Teacher- Great! Now before we start the exam, I would like to bring to your notice one student who has been incredible in the inter-school debate held over the weekend.

Class- Who?

star of the week

Teacher- Rashmi Iyer. Class, she has been a splendid example to many students who have participated in the debate held on Sunday. So much so that even the judges mentioned a special award for excelling beyond expectation, just for her. It was because of her that we not only won the debate but now have our school ranked as the top most contenders for inter-school debates throughout Mumbai. So, let us give a huge round of applause for the ever-active and proactive student of our class, Ms. Rashmi Iyer.

praising a child

Class- Congrats Rashmi!

Teacher- Rashmi please come forward and take your trophy. Also, if you keep growing this way... soon you will be known nationally as well for your debating skills and techniques. Once again, a truly great job done!

There you have it; the quantity of the praise is barely anything as compared to the quality. However, the impact you can draw keeping in focus the child's good work is the vital part.

In addition, if you are someone who is acquainted with English as a language and wish to improve your communication skills, you can enroll in an English-speaking course online. Doing so will strengthen your hold over the language and give you an underlying confidence to help you speak in English fluently.

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- By Shailja Varma

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