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How to say someone is right in English


If suppose a person asks you, ‘Do you stay in Airoli?’, and if you need to say yes, you can say it in  different ways, something like, yes, you’re correct. This was just an example of how to say whether someone is right. There are some other ways or words you can use.


8 ways to say that whether someone is right

1. Yes that’s right - informal way of agreeing

Example - Meena - I heard that you are shifting to Kerala? Is it?

Reena- Yes that’s’ right.

Example - Are you her sister? Yes’ that’s right

2. You could say so - when you almost agree with someone or something

Example - We could almost say so that you were right.

Example - When you know she was right you could say so, this will boost her confidence.

3. That’s spot on -  used to praise

Example - Our mam had told us that the answers you write during exams should be spot on.

Example - The meanings in the Oxford dictionary are spot on.

4. You’re quite right - when the person is not completely right

Example - You’re quite right about it. But you must search for more information on Google.

Example - The boss told me that I am quite right about the project but I need to work hard on it.

5. You ‘ve hit the nail on the head -  exactly right

Example - You have good knowledge about it. You’ve really hit the nail on the head.

Example - You can share your problems with her, she will hit the nail on the head and will tell you the correct solution for your problem.

6. You’re dead right - used formally especially during meetings or discussions

Example - You’re dead right about the idea but do you think the boss will agree with it?

Example - We had an argument, because he thinks that he is always dead right.

7. I’m afraid so - regretfully agreeing

Example - I’m afraid so because she is going to be right.

Example - I’m afraid that he will get this job because he is very skilful.

8. Yes that’s correct - response for agreement

Example - Yes that’s correct, I am so proud that you know about it so much.

Example - Yes that’s correct. Do you have a habit of reading of newspapers?

We hope you liked this article, as there were many Examples through which you might have understood about the ways through which you can say that someone is right. This will help you speak English more fluently and correctly.

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- By Chander Madan

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