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How to Stay Motivated When Learning English?


Getting the motivation to learn a new language and staying motivated to continue your learning, are two roadblocks in learning any language. Motivation can be of two types – internal and external. When you learn a new language simply because you enjoy it, you are motivated internally. When you are motivated from your core, things become much easier and you can experience a fast progress in your learning. However, it is difficult to sustain internal motivation and hence, most of us leave our quest to speak fluent English midway. In order to light back your internal motivation, you need to work on your external motivation. By that we mean devising a reward mechanism.

Suppose you join an online spoken English program to improve your spoken English, then it is considered as an external motivation. The online classes will make you motivated day in and out to improve your language skills. Most students require this push to keep continuing in their quest.

Stay motivated

5 Tips to stay motivated

Now that we know the kind of motivation that can keep you going in your journey to learn English, let us look at simple tips to keep the motivation alive.

1. Be genuinely interested

Both internal and external motivation will drive from your interest to learn something new. Therefore, find your reason to learn English and that will keep you motivated to pursue your quest.

2. Strive hard

‘I want to learn English because I want to give a presentation to my boss and get a raise’. Define your reason for learning English. ‘I want to impress that girl and ask her out on a date.’ Your reason could be anything. Find that and strive hard, you will automatically get motivation.

3. Pack your bags and travel

To survive in a foreign locale, you need to know the basics of English. Therefore, pack your bags and travel to a new country. Learn how the natives speak the language. The world is an open door for you if you can speak English. Let the traveler within you motivate you to learn English.

4. Stop procrastination

‘I want to join an online English speaking class but I will do it next month or perhaps three months from now’. Don’t procrastinate. If you think an external motivation can boost your learning, then you have to take an action now. It’s now or never.

5. Observe your learning curve

Have you made any improvement since the time you started language learning? Can you make a fluent conversation in English now? Ask yourself questions and observe your learning curve to stay motivated.

To conclude

Hopefully learning English will become a much happier experience for you if you follow the above five tips to stay motivated. You can join our online spoken English class to improve your communication skills and stay motivated.

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- By Chander Madan

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