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How to talk about your job role and company?


When you appear for an interview, you are asked to describe about your job role and your company. If you are not prepared with your answer, you may fumble midway. An interviewer may not consider you for a job if you are unable to put forth what are your key skills. Therefore, it is best to go prepared and win over the interviewer with your confident reply. Only when you are prepared will you come across as comfortable and relaxed while taking on the interview. Let us look at how you can describe your job role and about your company in fluent English.

Job role

Describing your job role

“I work as a teacher in the primary section and manage a class of forty students. My work location is Chembur, Mumbai, and I have been in this job for the last two years. In my position, I am responsible for supervising students and planning their study timetable. In addition, creating question papers and assessing the student’s performance also falls under my responsibility.”

Here is an example of how you can describe your job role. The one thing that you should keep in mind is to make your response as concise as possible. Don’t keep on bragging about the different software you know and the list of your job duties. It is advisable to focus on the results. Highlight the most relevant and impressive aspect pertaining to your job. If the interviewer wants more details, he may ask you relevant questions to dig deep.

Describing your company

"I have no complaints from my current employers. The company is growing gradually and has given me lots of opportunities to learn new things. They treat the staff well and I appreciate their approach toward employee growth and training. However, lately I have observed that the growth of the company is not up to the mark which it should be considering the boom in the IT sector . This is one of the reasons why I have decided to look a job elsewhere".

Here is an example of how tactfully you can describe your company without uttering anything too negative. The interviewer mainly asks this question to understand your relationship with your current employers and your reason to move on. Therefore, avoid any negative connotation at the same time maintain a balance on their praising side as well. After all, you have decided to leave and there would be some reason for your decision.


How well you handle these tricky questions is all based on your preparation. Wear your confidence at all times and speak in fluent English. To brush your English speaking skills, join our online spoken English program.

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- By Chander Madan

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