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Must know English Greetings


In our day to day life we meet many people while travelling to office, college, etc. Some of them are known to us, while others are strangers, and so our conversation with each of them differs. Generally, we use “hello” and “how are you?”as the common expression when we meet someone. There are many other greetings and expressions in the English language which we can be used to greet. These English greetings are used by native speakers to sound more natural, and to express more clearly and precisely. Let’s learn some formal and causal English Greetings and expressions.


6 English Greetings and Expressions to know

1. Hey, Hey man, or Hi

The most common expression that we use is “hello”. But in a casual meeting we just end up saying “hey” and “hi”. “Hi” is suitable to use in any casual situation, but “hey” should be used for the people whom you have already met. “Hey” is also used to call for someone’s attention.

2. What’s up? Or What’s going on?

What’s up or what’s going on are mostly used to ask “how are you?” They can be used to casually greet someone you already know. When you are asked these questions, you can answer “good” or “not bad”. If necessary, you can make a small talk, which can be sharing any interesting news about your life, followed by a question to the person, “what about you?” or any another greeting question.

3. How’s everything? How are things? or How’s life?

These are some common ways of asking “how are you?” Even these greetings are used in casual conversation. To these, you can answer “good” or “not bad”. Again, after answering these questions,you could briefly share any interesting news about your life, and then ask the person “what about you?” or another greeting question.

4.How do you do?

This is a formal greeting and a quite common one. When you are asked this question, you can answer, “I am doing well”.

5. It’s nice to meet you or pleased to meet you

Again a formal and polite greeting. These expressions are particularly used when you meet a person for the first time, as it makes you seem considerate. Don’t use these greetings when you meet the person next time. When you meet the person next time,you can use “it’s nice to see you again”.

6. How have you been?

You can use this greeting question only if you have already met the person. If someone asks you “how have you been?” they want to know if you have been well since the last time the two of you met.

The above greetings can be used in a formal / casual communication. However, you need to understand English well to use them in your\ are conversing in English. They are very much a part of our daily English usage, so it’s important to know about them.

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- By Shailja Varma

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