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Tips to give a supporting opinion


Plato famously said, ‘Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance’. He could not have defined the importance of having an opinion more aptly. With education comes knowledge, and with the knowledge you learn facts, and when you learn the facts, you form an opinion.

As an English learning student, it is very important for you to form informed opinions and present them as and when required. Even more important is for you to present your opinion in the best possible way and in the most convincing manner – and how can you do that unless you work on polishing your spoken English and English fluency skills.
There are various ways in which you can present your opinion and also support it. Using your communication skills – body language and fluent English, you can easily do so.


Let us check out the various ways in which you can present your opinion.

Different ways of presenting your opinion

Giving your opinion as it is: The most straightforward way of presenting your opinion is to simply put it out in front of your audience. You can start by saying sentences like, ‘In my opinion’. It cannot get simpler than this. If you wish to tone it down a bit, you can start your sentence with, ‘I think’ or ‘I feel’. In case you wish to negate the opinion presented before, you could do so by saying, I don’t think…’ or ‘I don’t feel…’

Ask for supporting opinion: Many times, it takes more than putting the facts out to convince someone of your opinion. Many times, your opinion might be questioned or even debated. What you must do in such a situation is to keep your cool and ask the other person to support their opinion with valid facts.

Give your opinion
While doing so, you will have to use phrases like, ‘What makes you think that? Could you explain it with an example?’ Alternatively, you could ask the person to present more facts by saying, ‘Could you provide more supporting details?’, or ‘Could you please illustrate that?’ The key here is to provide everyone with a chance to present his or her opinions. If you simply present your opinion and expect everyone to accept it, then you are at folly. Just like you, others have an opinion too, and have the freedom to express it.

Support your opinion:  You are, obviously, convinced with your opinion – that’s why you formed it in the first place. Now, the job at hand is to present your opinion and convince others. Often, you will have to give supportive arguments and examples in order to make a strong point regarding your opinion. In such a case, you need to provide examples, illustrations, etc. Sentences that can come handy are ‘for example’, ‘for instance’, ‘with the help of this example’, etc.

present your opinion
With the help of these tips, you can present your opinion in a systematic and convincing manner. Not to forget, along with these tips, you will also require using your English fluency to present your case.

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- By Shailja Varma

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