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Vocabulary to be Used When Describing a Special Occasion


Special occasion can be described as any event which we celebrate with our near and dear ones. For e.g. marriage ceremony, fresher’s party in college, send off ceremony, etc. These all are like one-time event in an individual’s life. While discussing such special occasions with your friends or colleagues, you should use some good vocabulary that would explain the occasion very well. Let’s have a look at some such words.

Special Occasion

How to describe a special occasion?

Following words should be used in a communication to present your description in a effective manner.

1. Marvelous: extremely good

When the special event needs to be described as extraordinary, then this word can be used.

Example: What a marvelous ceremony it was!

2. Pleasant: pleasing or attractive

This is a kind of feeling which we have when we are very happy, satisfied and at peace and this occurs when we are a part of an auspicious occasion.

Example: They decorated their home in such a way, that everyone felt pleasant.

3. Outstanding: extremely good, excellent

This word is basically used to describe the celebration which is managed  extraordinarily and depicts a lot of  accompanying efforts. This is the sign of an impressive event.

Example: The students managed an outstanding annual event.

4. Elegant: graceful and attractive in appearance

Elegant showcases the beauty of a particular thing or a person for whom it is applied.

Example: The bride looked elegant in her wedding gown.

5. Ceremonial: related with a ceremony

This word indicates a certain thing which relates to the ceremony.

Example: What a beautiful dress is this! It should be a ceremonial one.

6. Gleaming: shining softly

This is a kind of feeling which expresses a certain beautiful and impressive thing.

Example: In the success party, his gleaming eyes were fixed intently on one spot.

7. Significant: a special attraction to be noticed

This word is specially used to describe a certain personality or the special thing which needs to be notified.

Example: I attended a close friend’s wedding and the decoration was significant as it was based on a theme.

8. Abundant: something which is available in a large amount

Abundant is generally described to indicate something which is available in a great quantity.

Example: Their destination wedding gave me abundant exposure to flora and fauna.

9. Numerous: existing in large numbers

This also indicates a presence of certain things in a large number.

Example: There were numerous guests present at the event.

10. Luxurious: very expensive and enjoyable 

When an event is arranged where a lot of money has been spent, then it is said to be luxurious.

Example: There was an inclusion of luxurious facilities in their event.

Hope you can learn a few lessons on how to describe any special event in your life. For browsing other vocabulary related articles, visit our blog site. You can join our online tutorials of English Communication Skills which will make your learning simpler.

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