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Vocabulary to be used when describing your native place


Vocabulary to be used when describing your native place

Think of native place and good memories flock our mind.  Usually, when we return from our native place, we tend to discuss with our friends and family about its awesomeness.  Such discussions can be interesting only if you are able to describe in a narrative manner.  To make it more interesting and explanatory, you can make use of the following words to impress your listeners in the discussion.

Native place

Vocabulary for describing native place:-

1. Picturesque: a place which is very beautiful, unique and unusual

When you explain the natural beauty of mountains, seashore and river at your native place, usage of this word will make your communication more colorful.

Example: What a picturesque view that seashore has! Even I didn’t flicker my eyes for a second.

2. Attractive: something very pleasing to the eye

This term is a part of our communication on a day-to-day basis. This term is generally used when we feel pleasant and nice, after observing the things which catch our attention.

Example: The colorful flowers in our backyard were really attractive.

3. Ancient:a place having a long history

The word is used to describe historical and monumental places having a long history of many years back.

Example: In India, Mohenjo-Daro is an ancient city which was established thousands of years ago.

4. Lively: a place which is vibrant with lots of things going on

This word is used to describe a place where there is a lot of activity going on and which makes us feel rejuvenated.

Example: Mumbai is a lively city in India where lots of things can be done and seen.

5. Touristic: a place visited by lots of people

This word has been used to describe about the place which is a famous tourist spot.

Example: In Agra, Taj Mahal is the most touristic place.

6. Bustling: very crowded place in metropolitan

The word indicates the description of a crowded place in cities or metropolitan areas or the city or area where there is a lot of activity going on and on.

Example: In Mumbai, the bustling railway stations give a real good impression of the city.

7. Dull: the place which is boring and not exciting

This word is used to describe about a place which is not very exciting to visit and not much people are even interested to go there.

Example: Remote areas are very dull places to visit.

8. Contemporary: something which is modern and up to date

This word is used to explain about the place which is having modern technologies and lifestyle as well.

Example: Some restaurants are small in size but they give a contemporary feel.

Hope the above explanation has given you an idea on how well you can describe a place. For more related articles, browse through our other blogs.

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- By Chander Madan

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