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Ways to say goodbye in English


In English language, we have many ways to express simple things. Generally, native English speakers like to add variety in their everyday language. They say a simple thing in different forms. Today, in this blog we will teach you different ways to say goodbye in English.


7 Common Ways of Saying Good bye in English

1. Bye bye!

This expression is usually used when speaking with children. Most of the times, people who know each other quite well say bye bye. However, in business environment you can’t use this.

2. Take it easy

This expression means “have a nice day” and is more of a casual way of saying goodbye. Sometimes this expression is used to encourage the person not to work too hard, and to take some time to relax. Sometimes, it is also said to an angry or irritated person, in that case it means “calm down”.

3. See you soon or Talk to you later

We use one of these expressions before saying “bye”, because “bye” sounds a little short. Sometimes, “you” is pronounced as “ya”. This expression can be used with friends as well as colleagues.

4. I look forward to our next meeting

This expression is very formal and can be used when you would like to continue doing business with someone. It also means that even though you are saying goodbye now, you want to be in contact with him or her.

5. It was nice to see you again or It was nice seeing you

When you meet someone for the first time instead of a goodbye, you can say “it’s nice to see you”. Whereas when you meet someone second time or so, you can say “it was nice to see you again”.  You can use this expression to say goodbye to someone you already know.

6. I am out or I am out of here

This casual expression means you are letting people know that you’re leaving. It can be used only among friends. These expressions sound like you are happy to be leaving, so you need to be careful on how and when to use them.

7. Later or Catch you later

These are the slang ways of saying “see you later”. They are mostly used by teenagers and should be used only with the people you know very well.

The above expressions to say goodbye will help you to impress others with your English communication skills. Moreover, an English speaking course is all you need to improve your spoken English and train yourself to speak like a pro.

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- By Chander Madan

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