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How to chat online with friends?


how-to-chat_img_01Chat and its meaning:

The dictionary meaning of chat is to talk in a friendly and informal way. Online chatting is very common nowadays. People can communicate with each other over the internet. People exchange messages and talk or chat with each other over the internet. It plays a very significant role when you need to communicate with a person who is sitting at a different place. Through chatting you can share photos, videos, and files too.


how-to-chat_img_2Chatting online with friends


There are innumerable chat rooms on the internet. One of the easiest ways to chat online is to find a chat room and start chatting. Finding a chat room isn’t a tedious job because there are various kinds of chat rooms available nowadays. It can also be found by different categories like age, state, marital status, and many more. Instant messengers can also be used to chat.




Chatting through internet


Instant messengers can be used to chat online with friends. In order to chat, you need to install IM on your computer. Once IM is installed, you would need an email account to use it. If you don’t have an email account, you need to create one. Once the account is created and activated, you can start using the IM. Now you need to add your friends in the contact list of your IM. Once you add them, you can see and chat with them whenever they come online on IM. You need to write a message and send it to them by simply pressing the enter key. They will get the message immediately and you can continue chatting with them.




Chatting for kids


Like adults, kids can also chat over the internet. There are many chat rooms which are appropriate for kids. Kids can chat about their hobbies, their favorite games and TV programs. The chat rooms are designed in such a way that adults cannot chat there. It is only meant for the kids and thus it ensures safety. The chat rooms are totally secure and safe for children to chat with friends, exchange pictures, or even play games.


How to chat safely online

how-to-chat_img_5SAFE CHATTING

Chatting online can be very interesting and entertaining. It can also be fun. But some precautions should be taken while chatting online. Few things should be kept in mind while you’re chatting online. Never share your how-to-chat_img_6exact location, workplace address, bank account details, and pictures with an unknown person. This should be done to ensure safety and make chatting safer and more amusing.


Use of English in Chatting


We usually use English language to chat with our friends over the internet or face to face. We need to chat fluently in English with our friends. If you’re chatting with your boss or your friend you have to chat very confidently and smartly. For chatting in English, you should possess good English writing and speaking skills.


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