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How to create a job description?


Job descriptions are  narratives that is created so that you and the applicants can understand the job profile being offered. The ideal concept behind it is to define the employee’s role in the organization as well as accountability. In simpler words, a job description clarifies the organization’s expectations from an employee.

For a Human Resource personnel, writing a job description is just as critical as crafting a cover letter for a job seeker.

Some vital pointers that you need to keep in line with include being:

1. Concise

2. Purposeful

3. Practical

4. Contemporary.

The below- mentioned tricks and traits are some handy tips that you can make use of while writing a proficient job description:

 1. State the position:

The start of your job description should clearly state the title and key responsibilities of the position. Be specific and craft the description in simple yet fluent English. Doing so will enable the potential employee to know whether they’re suitable for the job, and, people who do not fit the bill can easily be weeded out.

Some tips to remember:

a. Keep the title recognizable and interesting.

b.Provide a list of 5- 10 key responsibilities.

c. Avoid making it too flowery and maintain English fluency throughout.

2. List it out:

Be loud and clear about the skills, educational background, training, equipment proficiency as well as the other vital qualities that your organization demands. Makes sure to keep the English language simple and precise. This means that the candidate should be able to scan through the list and immediately conclude whether to apply or not.

3. Contact information:

Include the appropriate contact information to complete your description. Add an email address or a phone number that the applicant can use as a point of contact if he/ she decides to apply. As far as possible, try and make use of the contact information of the ‘to be’ employee’s supervisor, spelling out his/ her job title and position within the company.   

Here is a perfect example for you to take cues from:

Job title: IT support officer

Location: InSync Media Head office,Malad, West.

Roles and responsibilities

1. Work in the company’s IT department making sure that all IT systems run smoothly.

2. Assist with the installation of new computer programs and systems.

3. Respond to staff that have issues with their computers, via phone and email, and fix problems as they arise.

Knowledge, skills and experience

1. A good all-round education including GCSEs (or equivalent), including ICT.

2. You may also have A levels and a degree in computer science or ICT, but these are not essential.

3. A strong understanding of IT, including the practical mechanics of computers.

4. Experience of working with computers.

5. Good English communication skills are a requisite.

6. Able to work as part of a team.


While writing a job description, holding an in depth grasp over the English language is extremely crucial. Be specific and concise about the key points, cutting through all the added attractiveness you include.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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