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How to write a termination letter?


A termination letter is a written confirmation given to an employee informing him/ her about the termination of their services from the company/business. Nevertheless, you are required to speak to the employee about his/ her shortcomings much prior to issuing the termination letter. A professional termination letter usually consists of all the details with appropriate reasons, summarizing the information that the now former employee will need to know.

Strategize the letter:

Writing a termination letter does get daunting, knowing that much can fall or rise with just that one letter.

1. A termination letter must state directly and factually the reasons for the termination while conveying the purpose and power of the employer’s decision.

2. Know what to mention and what to leave out.

3. The purpose of this letter is to notify the employee about the organization’s decision to terminate his/her employment immediately.

Let’s take a look at a perfect termination letter sample to help you understand better:

Sample Termination Letter

Ms. Catherine D’Souza,

Seawoods Estate, Seawoods,

Navi Mumbai, 400703.


Subject: Termination Intimation.

Dear Catherine,

This letter confirms our discussion today that your employment with Intelenet Corporation is terminated effective immediately. As per our discussion, the ground that you’ve been terminated on is misconduct of our company policy, of under- performing for the past 6 months, as well as taking uninformed leaves of 12 days in the past month.

You will receive a one month compensation pay for your employment with Intelenet Corporation as your service with us has been for less than one year. You will receive the severance payment once you have signed and returned the enclosed  document. In addition, you may pick up the above mentioned cheque from the reception desk or we can mail it to your home.

Please let us know if we can assist you during your transition.


Keith Fernandez

HR Executive, Intelenet Corporation.

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While firing an employee, it is essential to conduct the termination carefully, following all internal policies and local laws. Being careless or improper could cost your organization a considerable amount of time and money. Not doing so on a professional basis could lead you in a soup, and could result in you facing huge fines and be forced to rehire the terminated employee. Also, ensure you understand the reasons for the termination and all the legal contracts and promises extended by the company to the employee being sacked.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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