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How to write an application for a leave?


Meaning of Leave:

hw-to-write-leave-app_img_1Planning for a vacation next summer, or scheduling to attend your sister’s marriage next week, or wish to visit your hometown? You might have great plans and arrangements but cannot go ahead with them unless you apply for leave in advance in your office. If you inform your employer about your leave last moment, your application for leave might not be accepted by your boss. So if you are planning to take leave, it is always wise to apply for it in advance. Also it should be intimated to the employer in advance so that the employer can make necessary adjustments in office.


Format of Leave Application



The format of a leave application letter is given below:



Name of Person whom you’re writing your application

Organization’s Name

His/Her Designation

Subject: Mention the purpose of leave in one sentence

Respected Sir/Madam,


You can mention about yourself in the first sentence of your leave application. In the second sentence state the reason for taking leave and also the duration of leave.

Sign off with your name and designation




Sample Leave Application Letter



Manas Sethia

Orchid Pvt. Ltd.

HR Manager,

Sub: Application for Leave

Respected Sir/Madam (whichever is applicable)

I would like to apply for 10-days leave as I have to visit my parents in my hometown. My father is sick and has been hospitalized recently. I need to go there to look after him and be there with my family. So I would request you to grant me leave starting from 17th September, 2012 and ending on 26th September, 2012.

I would be highly obliged if my leave request is granted.

Yours faithfully

R. Ramakrishna

Sales Executive


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