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How to write compelling emails in English?


Email and its importance:

hw_cpmpell_email_img1In today’s world, email is of huge importance. There are different types of emails. Some are personal emails such as sending a birthday greeting to your friend or sending anniversary greetings to your partner. Emails can be social too. People use emails to send marriage or birthday invitation. Nowadays people prefer to use emails because they are the fastest means of communication. Currently emails are used to get homework help from online tutors by students. Almost all organizations use email to communicate with their clients. Companies rely on emails because emails can be sent quickly and thus rapid communication is possible. Also emails can never be lost like postal mails which can be easily lost or misplaced. If you are good at writing, it won’t be difficult for you to write compelling emails.


How to write compelling emails in English?

How to write compelling emails

It needs a lot of practice to write a compelling email. It is a skill that can help you grab new business opportunities, new proposal, or a new projects.

Some steps on how to write compelling emails are laid down below:

  1. It is always advisable to personalize your message. Mentioning something that the recipient did for you, or giving some compliments to him can help you to get noticed.
  2. A very long email will never be entertained by the recipient. All professional emails should be composed short and to the point. Professional emails should never be used to narrate a story. People want to read emails that are short and to the point.
  3. If you have trouble composing the date, body you can create one email and save it as a template and use it again and again whenever you need to compose an email. This will save a lot of energy and time and help you write better.
  4. Do not try to be over friendly and casual when you’re writing professional emails. Business emails should be very formal and should be written with proper vocabulary. If you have any problem finding the proper vocabulary, use a dictionary to find the correct word for your email. You can also join an online Spoken English course. The Spoken English courses can be beneficial and helpful. Not only the Spoken English Tutors can make you learn new words related to professional emails, they can also help you with writing, reading, Grammar, and speaking.
  5. While writing convincing emails, try to write a unique subject in the subject line. A good subject line can grab the attention of the recipient and help you to get noticed.
  6. You should always mention the benefits that people will get as nobody will be interested if they don’t get anything from what you’re asking them to do. So it is very important to tell them upfront what exactly they will get if they do what exactly you want them to.
  7. While writing a Business email always mention the benefit they are going to get if they buy your product.
  8. Be positive and unique. Avoid using words like hope, think and use positive words like will and can.



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