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Points to Remember While Writing a Report


In one of the recent articles, we briefed you about different types of reports. In this article, let us try to make you aware about some of the important things to be kept in mind while writing a report.


Following points should be considered while writing a report: -

1. Before writing:-

Before starting, one should be very clear about the objective(s)of the report and the audience for whom you are writing. It is also necessary to do a thorough research of the concept on which the report is based. You should also have clarity on the sub-topics to be covered in the report and how are you going to present it.

2. While writing:-

Nowadays,when people have a lot options to get information on anything, it is always good to have a to-the-point writing style. Use heading, subheadings, sections and bullets to showcase the content systematically. Use proper grammar and punctuation while writing a report. Always use active voice rather than passive voice. Try to be innovative by presenting suitable ideas and solutions as part of recommendations and suggestions. Don’t forget to add recommendations and conclusions.

3. After completion

Once you are done with writing, it is a good practice to proofread the piece to ensure the quality and accuracy of the content. Also make sure the report has really addressed the issue(s) and also has practical suggestions.

Below is the format of a report:

Title page
Contents page 
Terms of reference
Materials and methods 
Main body 


You can also consider writing in the below format:

A brief summary which should not be more than a page in length and includes the content of the report.

The main body of the report.

Recommendations and conclusions.

Avoid jargons and use clear and concise English. Try using formal language in the report. Always remember to proof read your report and ensure whether it fulfils the purpose. If you still feel something is missing, then do a little more research and complete the report by adding the relevant information or analysis.

Hope the above brief would come handy when you attempt to make a report. For other similar blogs, browse through our blog site, and learn English in the simple way. You also have an option of joining our online tutorial for enhancing English communication skills.

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-By Shailja Varma

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