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How to Talk of an Error in Your Bill to the Manager?


ShoppingIt's not often that one comes across an error in a generated bill, so whether the error has been made by a restaurant or even a supermarket manager, pulling out of such a situation can be awkward, especially when you are not too sure about your English communication skills and fluency.

No matter how awkward the situation is, you're expected to handle it in proper spoken English with a smart choice of words and direction of thought. Have a look at this example to understand what is being meant:

You: "Excuse me, Are you the manager?"

Manager: "Yes, Good Morning Sir. How may I help you?"

You: "I am afraid the bill generated for the products purchased by me is faulty. It's way above what I've bought. Could you please assist me ?

Manager: "Sure Sir. Let me have a look at your bill and have a recheck in my data reserves."


You: "Sure. Here you go. I'll just wait out here until you're done."

Manager: "Thank you sir. I'll be with you shortly."

After a few minutes...

Manager: "Sir, you were right! It was an unintentional error made in the bill, I'm extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused."

You: "That's just fine. I am glad you have managed to get to the base of the problem. Just help me out with a fresh bill and I'm be on my way."

Manager: "I've got it all. Here's your fresh bill, your remaining change, and a discount coupon of Rs. 1500/- to make up for the immature error made by my dear staff."

You: "This is quality customer management. Thank you very much! I'm going to tell all my near and dear ones of the good quality customer service you people provide. I will see you soon."

Manager: "Sure Sir. We would love to expand our stores with more customers. I am glad I could assist you. Thank you."


That's about it! A few simple, non- floral well-spoken English sentences in fluent English should be your aim. There are a handful of English speaking courses online that focus on certain qualities in English speaking such as How to improve your English speaking skills and How to improve your English communication skills. Such courses are extremely beneficial and well accredited.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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