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How to Talk About Food you Like/ Dislike?


"There is no sincerer love than the love of food."

- George Bernard Shaw

Talk about like Dislike

We all love food! Food is one thing that is common among all human beings. Of course, over time we begin to develop a liking or a dislike towards certain types of food. For some chocolate must be something to gorge upon whereas for a few, chocolate probably does not ring the desire bell in one's palette.

Possessing a dislike or a liking for something cannot be judged, instead one should learn about how to express their likes and dislikes in well- spoken English. It is crucial to ensure your English grammar is well in-sync with the vocabulary you choose to use. Simple spoken English in the first few days of your exercise should work as a charm.

Let's begin this exercise with a brief example for 'dislike':


"I am not a very fussy eater but there are a few things that my palette detests. The topmost item on my dislike list has got to be bitter gourd. I do not like the bitter flavor and juices that ooze out with every bite you take. The texture too according to me is not as per my liking. I've tried numerous times to build and acquire a taste for bitter gourd but all in vain. Hence, I avoid eating it as and when I have an option or two."

An example for 'like':


"I cannot get over the addiction I have built for chocolate. My liking for chocolate starts and ends at one point...its dark and intense flavor. It is extremely sweet with the exact tint of bitterness that suits my taste and liking. It could be eaten at any point of time throughout the day. I like my chocolate dark and soft. I also love the fact that it could be added to any milkshake or sweet dish as per one's desire. It's extremely inviting and indulgent!"

It is always good to keep your English speaking skills at its sharpest best when describing or explaining something to someone. This is a great exercise to improve your English and your English speaking skills effectiveness.

The art of description is all about being expressive and animated. Also, remember to be closely choosy about the words you use, as there are times that have you baffled about which word to use where. Get empowered with well-spoken English now!

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- By Monika Agarwal

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