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How to Tell Your Boss that You are Quitting?


officeIrrespective of the fact whether you've scored yourself a new job or that you're extremely frustrated with your present employer, leaving the job will require you to give a prior notice. Leaving the present job without any prior notification will result in you losing your current employer as a work reference, which in turn might damage your professional character. In such awkward situations, it is best that one prepares before the final approach. Being prepared will boost your confidence and always remember to be honest and direct, rather than being dishonest and beating around the bush.

Conversation with your boss

At such times your spoken English skills play a vital role. Your conversation with your boss needs not be done with the use of many extravagant words, instead... KISS....Keep it simple, silly! Wear your English speaking skills as a parachute and make the leap, the example given below will give you an idea of what your approach should be like:

Office Colleague

Sean: Excuse Sir, May I come in?

Boss: Yes.

Sean: Sir, I had sent you an email three days ago, did you get the chance to get a glimpse of it?

Boss: No. I've been really busy these days. Go ahead, tell me what was it about?

Sean: Sir, I am quitting the job.

Boss: Why Sean?

Sean: Well Sir, frankly speaking, I have managed to secure myself a job in Canada offering the same job profile.

Boss: That's really great Sean! I always knew you had the potential to do well and better. Of course, it's quite a loss to my company for  losing someone as sincere and hardworking as you. It was a pleasure working with you.

Sean: Thank you so much, Sir. Your motivating words are always going to remain my driving force. I have sent in my resignation and am going to serve my notice period. I will officially leave this company in one month from now and will make it a point to do as much as I can before I leave.

Boss: Sean, it was a pleasure working with you. If you remain as determined as you are, no one will be able to deter your passion for your work. Hope you had a good enough time working with us.

Sean: Sir, this company has been a learning experience and an important part in my career path. Thank you Sir. Have a good day ahead.

Boss: Thank you.


Simple English is the key:

So, there you have it, use simple English to explain to your boss the intent of you quitting your job. Be specific with the words you choose and practice your English communication skills before slipping into a conversation as such. Exude confidence in your decision and make use of idioms that will pose as an advantage to you. Also, you could get yourself grammatically sound, by enrolling for English speaking courses online, ready to polish your English speaking fluency.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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