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How to Ask for Directions?


Being in a new place itself gets overwhelming enough to have you lose your direction. Yet, if you have someone as company to go through the lost route, it sends a feeling of security. But imagine being lost in a new city, with no one to fall back upon but the locals. To worsen the situation what if the locals do not speak another language but their mother tongue and English, which is the case in most part of the world.

How to ask direction

Panicking is the last thing you want to do, because doing so will just get you a little more confused than what you already are. When life throws you in such a case, just breathe slowly and take one step at a time.

English: A Global Language

English is a language that is often referred to as the "Global Language", and so, sharpening your English speaking skills will bring you a reward or atleast get you out of a dreadful situation as such.

Here's how you can push yourself out of such a situation in simple spoken English:

You: Excuse me; I'm looking for the cantonment area.

Stranger: This is the city side; you have to get yourself a ride as the cantonment area lies on the outskirts of Kannur.

You: Oh! How far is it and in which  direction do I go?

Ask direction

Stranger: It is a good 45 minutes' drive. You will have to go to the main circle called Sudarpali. There you will get a lot of buses that ply i that direction.

You: Thank you so much Sir. I feel a little lost.

Stranger: You're welcome. Yes, Kerala is a place that can get many people  lost, as all the roads look similar.

You: Well, now I think I will manage to find my way out. Have a good day.

Stranger: You too.

Why choose to learn English?

choose to learn english 

It is always good to be well- spoken and to be able to hold an entire successful conversation in the English language. Speaking in English is regarded extremely important in today's world. Even tourists from all over the world make it a point to develop at least the Basic English speaking techniques before they head on to their tours across the globe. The language has made its mark and how!

While speaking in English, ensure you speak fluently. If you're ever heading for a trip out of the comfort of your city, brush up on your English speaking skills as well as your English grammar.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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