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How to Give Directions to Your Friend to Reach a Restaurant?


Heading to a restaurant to catch up with some good friend over a nice dinner is always welcome. Isn't it? So much to talk about... So many dishes to try out. It's like the perfect setting creating a perfect moment. But not always do your friends know of the places you choose to meet up at, especially if it's just a small, modest, quiet place. This gets you in a fix as you have to play the navigator for your friend to help him/her find his/ her way to the spot.

give direction to friend

Choose your words:

Now what? Navigating someone to get to a place you're located at isn't very easy. Every move made by the person is dependent on your choice of words and sense of directions. For which, you are needed to be precise and expressive. The choice of words play a vital role and are essential and hence show your communication skills.

Let's have a look at an example:


George: Hey Neena, Where are you?

Neena: Hey George, I am in sector- 17, just where you told me to stop my car.

George: Okay, can you see a circle ahead of you?

Neena: Not really. Direct me to the circle as I speak to you.

George: Approximately three minutes from where you are presently located, just hit the accelerator and head straight down the same road.

Neena: Okay. I'm already at it. Oh! There it is. The circle you spoke about.

George: Take a right from the circle and then take the second left.

Neena: Haha! This is fun. Okay so... A right and the second left.

George: Yes.

Neena: At the left, now where?

George: Enter the road and on the right you will see this brown board that reads 'Hawaiin Shack".

Neena: Okay, oh... Here I am, at the Hawaiin Shack.

confuse about direction

See, in just a few lines and well- spoken English, you have managed to get your friend (who was clueless) to a place in the intricate lanes of the route. This isn't difficult but could go all wrong if not done the right way.


Make use of small, crisp sentences, ensure your English grammar is right, make use of daily English and there you have it, a perfect evening with your dear friend, at your ideal location. To know more about how to improve your English speaking skills, you could enroll in eAge Spoken English and learn English speaking online.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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