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How to Talk About Your Child’s School?


When you're unsure about your English communication skills, meeting and greeting other parents does get you in a very uncomfortable state. But, for how long? It's time you take steps to better your life by investing in an English speaking course online, a course that will teach you the A to Z of English, in the best and the most effective way possible.

Describe Child School

Keep yourself away from getting intimidated by the well- spoken English used by other parents. Learn English speaking instead.

Here's an example to ease your worries:

Sheena: Good Evening, Gauri. How have you been?

Gauri: Hey Sheena, I have been good. How about you?


Sheena: Well, it's pretty much the same here. I have been perfectly fine too, except for the fact that my child has entered primary school and I'm confused as to which school to sign her up for. It's a real dilemma.

Gauri: What's wrong in worrying about that? Every parent should be concerned about his or her child's education and I am glad you care so much.

Sheena: I do. I just don't want her to compromise at all. When I check the list of schools, all the options seem equally good. When I ask people for their opinion, they all have different opinions altogether. The dates for admissions are nearing and I'm really finicky about the way things are going.

Gauri: Contain yourself Sheena, let me help. I have a son who is now in the ninth standard. The school I sent him to in his primary years is the same school he's still a student of. Gold Crest School- a well reputed school that assures best results. The teachers are all well acquainted with the English language and the school encourages speaking in English during school hours.

Sheena: Wow! That sounds good. What more?

Gauri: Not only this... The school lays importance on extra- curricular activity just as much as they lay on studies. Possesses an indoor swimming pool for children, has its hockey, basketball, and football teams. A playground, a basketball court and a football field, all well equipped.


Sheena: This is really nice! I think I am beginning to zero down on this school.

Gauri: You'll be astonished at the number of facilities this school has to offer; get yourself informed about this school by logging on to their website.

Sheena: Thank you for sharing so much of information with me. I am happy that you recommended this school to me. I was extremely baffled as to which one to choose.

Speaking in English is extremely crucial in today's day. Buck up your English speaking skills and bask in the glory of well- spoken English.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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