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How to Talk about Your College Life?


Walking down the memory lane, thinking about your old college days sends a nostalgic feeling down your spine. College life is meant to be the most exciting time of your life-  canteen,  friends,  lectures,  bonding, binging, the entire atmosphere is unforgettable, isn't it?


Yet, what's the sense, if you find it difficult to describe the best times of your life in well- spoken English?


College life

Imagine being asked by your son or daughter about how you've enjoyed your college life and you suddenly feel the shortage of words to express the amazing journey it was. You certainly would want to share with your kids the hay days you've been through during college, yet language plays the constraint and alters your experience down to 'zero'! Don't waste anymore time or opportunities to learn this wonderful language called 'English'.

Just in case you get yourself trapped in such a situation as mentioned above, here's how to go about it:

"My college days were probably the best days of my life. I belonged to St. Xavier's college located in town and had a group of six members: Kamlesh, Aniketh, Purvi, Radhika, and Avinash. We were a crazy group. Notorious to the T, we often bunked lectures and spent our day in the college canteen. Known to be one of the thickest groups of our batch, our teachers knew each of us by our names and surnames as we participated in all the possible extra-curricular activities that were thrown our way. Even though the boys of our group weren't so bright academically, the girls would always score good grades. I remember being dragged out of the class this one time just because I had decided to sit in the lecture when the rest were heading out for a movie. Every single moment spent in that college is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. And, the fact that I found myself friends for life during my college phase is something I am grateful for and value."

There you have it, three of the best years of your life, all summed up in one paragraph. When describing an experience, make it a point to keep it short and sweet! You do not want to bore them or make them relive your entire experience, so cut to the chase!

Cross the language bar:

Being well-spoken is really crucial and  if you can be well- spoken not only in one language (which is usually your mother tongue), but two. Isn't it a boon to be able to converse effectively in the language that you have mastered?

Spoken english

Speed up the process of learning English by enrolling with an English speaking course online. Just get access to the internet and learn English speaking from the comfort of your home. If you know the basics, these courses could also help you improve your English communication skills.

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- By Shailja Varma

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