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How to Talk About Your Opinions?


The importance of having an "opinion":

You might have come across this phrase that 'He does not have a spinal cord'. What it means is that, the person we are talking about does not have an opinion of his/ her own. This isn't a good thing. It is always good to have an opinion of your own. It defines and structures the individual you are.

Talk about opinion

One does not need to enforce his/ her opinion on someone, instead work on putting down your opinion with a strong base and point of view. Always remember, an opinion cannot be superficial, it is something that needs to be intense. It is a set of beliefs you follow that develop your opinion on things and direct your perception towards life.

How to give your opinion?

How to give opinion 

When you are asked to put forth your opinions on a particular topic, speak out your mind (of course only relevant points). Try and keep the English simple and precise and use words that go hand in glove with your opinion being stated.

Not too sure about your English communication skills?

Here's a list of examples just for you:


Situation #1: When giving a strong opinion.

• "I'm absolutely convinced that..."

• "I'm sure that..."

• "I strongly believe that..."

• "I have no doubt that..."

Situation #2: Talking about your beliefs.

• "I believe in..."

• "I'm a firm believer in ..."

• "I'm convinced that..."

• "I'm passionate about..."

• "I'm committed to ... "

Situation #3: Asking for someone's opinion.

• "What do you think?"

• "What's your take?"

• "What's your point of view?"

• "What's your opinion?"

Tips to infuse:

• While placing your opinion in front of a crowd or a group, understand the fact that you have the right to say what you want, it is called the freedom of speech and nobody can take that away from you.

• Stop yourself from getting intimidated and conscious. Remain as calm as you can, to avoid making mistakes.

• Practice aloud your opinions in well- spoken English around family and friends.

• Most importantly, believe in yourself. That will ooze confidence and take away the anxiety.

Learn English:

Learn English 

Not having a strong base in the English language could hamper your communication skills and instill a fear in you while speaking your mind or giving your opinion out in public. Don't let yourself live in that fear any longer. It is an understood fact that it is difficult to overcome the fear and speak freely when you aren't convinced about your English speaking skills. Yet speaking your mind is a skill that will take you far in the long run.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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