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The Critical Role of Vocabulary to Learn Fluent English


What is Vocabulary?

Vocabulary plays a very fundamental role in the process of learning and acquiring a language. It is nothing but a bank of words that your mind registers. It is something that lends you a hand in understanding what you hear and read and also what you intend on saying in the most effective way.

Learn Fluent English

Which words to learn?

With every passing day, you will come across numerous English words, sometimes even more than you can process. Don't give up as yet; what you hear and read will boost your English speaking skills. Take one-step at a time and you will be able to notice and measure your progress. Begin with learning words that are important and hold some value in your life.

For Example:

• Learn words that pertain to your present job.

• Learn words that you often read and hear

• Learn words that you know you could use in your day to day life

• Learn words to describe yourself, your family and your hobbies

• Learn words that will improve your English

Read Books, Magazines, Newspapers

Role of Vocabulary 

If you are not an avid reader, it's time to start being one. Reading novels, informative magazines, newspapers, and other spoken English books will etch the words you see and read in your head. Continued reading over a period of time will certainly push your vocabulary a few steps higher than where you began. Besides, reading is a fun pastime, why not devote some time to it if it's helping you augment your English communication skills? Also, make an English dictionary your best friend for a while.

Watch English movies and sitcoms

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This is a great and entertaining way of learning English. Ask your friends or colleagues for which English movie or show would they recommend and go by that. Switch on the movie or the television series and lay back with a dictionary at hand. Try and watch these on a computer or a laptop so that as and when you do not understand a particular word, you can pause and look it up in your temporary best friend (dictionary). Once you've understood its meaning, play the video and repeat the same as and when the need arises.

Maintain a Diary


This might be new to you but do it, it's worth it! Maintain a diary where you can jot down all the new words you have learned alongside their respective meanings. Try and figure out which words you have not used that often and ensure you use those words in the desired situation. Keeping a diary is one of the proven ways to improve your English speaking skills.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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