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How to Talk to Other Patients While Waiting at The Doctor’s Clinic?


Falling ill, itself is nauseating, and when you are waiting at the doctor's clinic for your turn to come, it is all the more frustrating. At such times, do not let the uneasiness take over you and affect your health further. Play smart. Talk to the other patients sitting with you, this will distract your agony and keep you well- occupied until it's your turn .

how to talk to patients

Talk in English

As a course of your English learning process always make sure that you grab each and every opportunity that comes your way to practice your English communication skills. While building a conversation with a stranger, make sure to be confident rather than hesitant. Speak in simple English at first, heightening your knowledge of the English language gradually. Making mistakes plays a vital role in the learning process so make sure to pick up and learn from your mistakes.

Let's take a look at how the conversation flow must be:

Situation: In the doctor's clinic, sitting with a bunch of other patients, no magazines to read, nothing much to look at. You want to pick up a conversation with a fellow patient, here's how.

Conversational Example:


Benny: Excuse me, Hi. I am new to this city. I am not too familiar with the system followed by doctor's here either. Could you please help me out with how to go about to get my turn?

Rita: Sure. All you have to do is go to the receptionist, she will hand over a token with a number engraved on it, that number will denote your turn.

Benny: Oh! So, that is how the system works here. Well frankly, isn't it a pain to be waiting for our turn to come, especially when we are in such a sick condition.

Rita: Well, surprising enough. I was just thinking the same.

Benny: Ha-Ha! Hi, I am Benny.

Rita: Hi Benny, I am Rita. How long have you spent in this city?

Benny: It's just been a week. Honestly, even this morning when I was groaning with pain, I wasn't sure about which doctor to go to.

Rita: You should have asked your friends. Don't you have friends in this city?

Benny: No. I actually don't. Got a sudden transfer from work and here I am in this city. Well, I am really curious and can't help asking about how this doctor is? Is she good enough to frequent here?

Rita: Yes. She is extremely good with her prescriptions and the dosages what she prescribes is extremely effective. She is so proficient that I make it a point to recommend her to all my friends and family members.

Benny: That's nice. I used to visit my family doctor back there, so I am a little finicky about going to new doctors.

Rita: Worry not. She is very reputed and well- known. Dr. Shenoy is perfect.

Benny:Thank you for clarifying my doubt. It was one of my major concerns.

Rita: You are welcome, Benny. I hope you get to meet the doctor soon. It's my turn now, if you'll excuse me.

Benny: Hope for the same. Sure go ahead. You take care Rita. It was a pleasure speaking to you.

Rita: Same here Benny. Take care. Bye.

How to talk to Patient

This is how you can have an entire healthy conversation wrapped up in simple English. Strike a deal with yourself and give yourself time  to gain all the required knowledge of the language. Once you're prepared enough, try to speak fluent English to check where you stand. You could request one of your English-speaking friends to help you out and correct you as and when you make a grammatical error. Ask her to check the flow and the smoothness of the lingo as well.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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