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How to Describe an Attire?


Attending a formal get together would require you to be well- dressed. Irrespective of whether the occasion invite mentions the dress code or not, it is always good to know what should be worn, where. Being careless about what you wear to which place is definitely going to lead you to trouble someday.


Don't be that one person to be spoken about just because of a wrong outfit picked out by you. While you're invited to any function, celebration or meet, always study and analyze the reason behind the invite before zeroing down on your outfit. Possessing the understanding of appropriate dressing doesn't come naturally; it is something that must be learned and acquired over a period of time. Probably, a few fashion faux pas should teach you a lesson or two. 

The art of describing:

It is also okay for you to call a few people who are attending the same function so as to know what they are wearing, to be on the safer side. Similarly, you might come across a few people who call you to know about what you are wearing and you get stuck in the dilemma of describing. It is extremely easy to describe a place, an experience, a city; yet describing an outfit/ attire is difficult.

Let's take an instance to help you out with your descriptive skills:

Decsribe an Attire 

Situation: A formal cocktail party at work, as a celebration to the completion of 20 years in the business.

Sheetal: Hey Reena, are you free for a minute or two? Needed to ask you something.

Reena: Go ahead Sheetal, I am absolutely free.

Sheetal: You know that tomorrow we are invited to a cocktail party at work.

Reena: Yes...

Sheetal: So, I am extremely confused about what to wear. Have you decided as yet?

Reena: I have actually decided.

Sheetal: I knew it and hence I called you. Please, help me out .Tell me  what you're wearing. It will give me a fair idea of what I should wear as well.

Reena: Sure. I am wearing a long flowy cocktail dress.

Sheetal: I am unsure if I know what a real cocktail dress looks like, please elaborate a bit.

Reena: It is a white, flowy, ankle length dress. It has a floral print on it and the dress is full sleeves.

Sheetal: Sounds pretty, already.

Reena: Yes, it has a thick belt that runs along the waist holding it tight, making one look slim.

Sheetal: I love the way the outfit sounds. What are you wearing with it? Accessories?

Reena: I was planning on teaming it up with a pair of black high heels, chandelier earrings and a few delicate bracelets.

Sheetal: Classy! I think I know what to wear now. I don't have a cocktail dress though but your description has taught me a thing or two about what is the ideal and safe attire for this sort of a party. Thanks Reena.

Reena: Oh! Don't worry. I know you'll dress just fine. Just make sure it's sophisticated and well- covered though. See you tomorrow.

Sheetal: Thanks for the tips. I hope I manage to come well-dressed too. Bye.


There you have it, a detailed description of an entire attire in well- spoken English. While describing something, always speak in English fluently. Your description should be so clear that the listener should literally be able to picture and visualize the entire description through and through. If English is not your forte, you should learn fluent English by joining an English speaking course that will teach you how to learn English fluently and improve your English speaking.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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