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How to Talk at a Parent Teacher Meeting?


As a parent, taking active participation in your child's school activities is necessary and why not? Every parent would want to get involved in his or her child's school life, especially when it comes to the education front. Attending a parent- teacher meeting need not be fun, but it is important that you make this one hour with your child's teacher a productive one.

Parent Teacher Meeting

Confidence : 

It is likely for you to feel less confident and hence hesitant about attending the meeting. The main reason being 'the language' English. Do you think it is worth missing out on such a crucial meet in your child's life for something as basic as language?

 Enroll in an English-speaking course online and learn how to increase English fluency quicker than ever. At meetings, as these, it is definite that the language being used majorly throughout the entire session is bound to be English; hence, it is crucial that one works on improving spoken English skills. One must understand the importance of speaking in good English and use that as a driving force in learning and mastering the language.

Let's take a look at an excellent example:

Situation: You've been called to your child's school for a parent- teacher group meeting. It's the first time you're meeting the class teacher and you're needed to converse with her.


Rita (Mother): Good Morning! I am Rita, Siddhi's mother. Hope you're doing well today.

Aparna (Teacher): Good Morning Rita! It's nice to finally meet you. I am doing just fine.


Rita: I guess I have walked in a little too early for the session, is it?

Aparna: No, that's fine. I personally believe, it's always good to be early than late.

Rita: I am a strong believer of that too and hence, always land up early at places.

Aparna: That's very similar to my way of doing things.

Rita: That's nice. So, Aparna... What exactly are we discussing in today's meeting; if you don't mind my asking you?

Aparna: Oh no! It's all good. There's an annual day coming up and we teachers aren't enough for the volume of children to be handled on the chaotic day. Besides, on such days, for some reason, the children get all boisterous and uncontrollable. We are on the lookout for parents who can help us out with the children, the events, backstage management, and handling and distributing the snacks.

Rita: Wow! You teachers really work hard. I would love to help. Let's see which department I fit into .

Aparna: Sure.

Rita: Aparna, how is Siddhi in the class? Attentive? Or distracted?

Aparna: Siddhi is a very bright student. She is on the quieter side and often needs to be motivated to speak aloud.

Rita: That's surprising. She's the loud speaker of our house and naughtiness is always on her mind. Nevertheless, I am glad that that's not the case in school. She's definitely a little shy yet I will have to work on her public- speaking skills.

Aparna: A brilliant student otherwise, both on the education as well as extra- curricular front.

Rita: I would take that as a compliment on Siddhi's behalf. Thank you.


While holding a formal conversation with someone, keep it crisp and to the point. Make use of the general etiquettes like 'Thank you', 'Excuse me', 'Sorry', and 'You're welcome' as and when required. It is vital that you improve your English by dedicating sufficient time to the English language.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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