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How to Get the Speed of the Words Right while Speaking?


Speaking in English or any other language for that matter, requires you to keep a check on the speed of your speech. Keep away from being tagged as a motor- mouth, and control the speed of the words pelting out of your mouth. Holding a good grip over the velocity of your spoken communication will make your conversation for the listener more fun and exciting to listen to. It is crucial for you to understand the fact that too much speed will kill your speech.

How to get speed of the word

Know and analyze your speed:

When you shoot words out of your mouth, there is a high possibility that you are asking the listener to work too hard, gather all that you've said and break it down to understand what you attempted to speak. You should know that as when your statements start picking up speed, your speech automatically stops being heard instead makes the listener's ears turn off. Well, it is the same case when you drop- your- speed- to- a- very- slow- pace. This tends to get the listener droopy and uninterested. Enrolling in an English speaking class can assist you in understanding your speed and how to get it right.

Solution? Try variations!

The solution to tackle this issue would be a perfect amalgamation of both slow and fast tempo. You must understand that it is not about getting yourself in the middle of both extremes, it is about having an apt speaking rate in direct response to our audience and the contents.

The perfect construction:

A perfectly constructed statement will start with an introduction followed by a series of the main concept with supporting examples and instances. Of course, add a conclusion to finish. Let's take for instance, your speaking speed is similar to a road. Why road? Because when you are speaking to someone about a thing, it's like you're taking them on a journey, a journey of your threaded together words. Your speech being the vehicle carrying the auditor's attention.

Taking the wheel :

So, you're driving down with a few listeners in a spoken English conversation, you can choose to zoom through the entire road and let the scenic and picturesque views just blur for your listener; or you can cautiously gauge the situation and continuously adjust your speed to meet the road conditions and the demands of your passengers.

6 Effective exercises to learn to maintain a fine speaking rate:

Recite a part of a text: Repeatedly, recite a saying, a story, a poem, a piece of advice... Something you like and record your speech. Play it back and ask yourself whether the speed was effective? You will understand yourself where you've made a mistake, if any. Rectify it and move to the next exercise. Such an exercise will help you in rectifying your spoken English as well.

Read children's stories: On a low key, read through the stories and get a knack of the flow. Go through it yet another time, this time noting all the errors you believe you've made. Read it slowly and listen to your speed, tone, and intonation carefully. Reading supports your goal of learning to speak in fluent English.

Read Stories

Listen to speakers who inspire you: Whether on the radio or a preacher... anybody who you think you would want to verbalize like. Identify and note the central points over the course of the presentation. Grasp elements of their pace changes and experiment with them yourself.


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- By Monika Agarwal

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